1E has unleashed a very slick, valuable magazine called V1EWPOINT that covers the industry’s hottest topics of Efficient IT. Each issue covers an aspect of IT and talks about how to bring cost under control in your organization through processes and solutions. If you are currently looking to get IT under control, or want help in improving the mindset of efficiency, this magazine is for you.

The most recent issue digs deep into Power Management and is available here: www.1e.com/download/V1EWPOINT-Issue-1.pdf

You can also sign up to our monthly V1EWPOINT content email newsletter, by emailing your details to digital@1e.com.

V1EWPOINT magazine

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath is a technical writer at 1E, and a digital content specialist. He has written for the likes of Telecoms.com, Digital TV Europe and Business Cloud News, among others, covering topics such as apps, the Internet of Things and TV. He lives in London with his wife, son and cat.