We’re all feeling a bit proud of ourselves here at 1E HQ today. Here’s why:

Green IT award 2012

We made it! It was the biggest award of the night and we’re absolutely delighted with it. We’ll be wearing the badge with pride for the next 365 days.

A big thanks to our customers from ERM, Alliance Boots and Balfour Beatty WorkPlace who joined our celebrations last night. An equally big shout out to Brian Wall, editor of Green IT magazine; Josh Boulton, publisher and all of our friends at BTC for a very enjoyable evening at the Zoo.

We’ll be watering our Lily with pride and look forward to the fourth Green IT awards in 2013!

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath is a technical writer at 1E, and a digital content specialist. He has written for the likes of Telecoms.com, Digital TV Europe and Business Cloud News, among others, covering topics such as apps, the Internet of Things and TV. He lives in London with his wife, son and cat.