Nathaniel Martinez
About Nathaniel Martinez
Nathaniel Martinez is a Senior Analyst with the 1E Centre of Excellence. In his role, he analyses customers' and prospects’ IT environments, to identify areas where sustainable transformational IT gains can be achieved through the use of 1E's ActiveEfficiency solutions and expertise. Nathaniel holds an MBA from the University of Montana, and is a Senior Business Analyst and Awarded Market Research & Intelligence Director with over 10 years’ experience of managing agency research and in-house projects to support clients’ strategic planning, marketing, product development, and business development investments Prior to joining 1E, Nathaniel was a program research director with IDC, the ICT Market Intelligence Specialist, where he delivered strategic studies, presentations, and insights to expertly advise industry clients on IT infrastructure trends in the EMEA market. Nathaniel is also a keen cyclist.
AOR - Analyze Optimize Realize

AOR – Proving Realized Value

AOR, a different approach Increasingly, CIOs are expected to reverse justify every major IT program and initiative.  Project sponsors are regularly expected to show the realized results of their projects against the prospective business cases generated at the beginning of their initiative and explain differences.  IT financial management experts and [...]


The Return on Investment Imperative

Why conduct a Return on Investment analysis? Some organizations require a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis because they have an internal “hurdle rate” that must be achieved before any new project will be considered. An ROI analysis provides an apples-to-apples comparison of an organization’s investment options so it can compare [...]


1E Set to Expand its ActiveEfficiency Footprint in France through its Exclusive Partnership with Osiatis

On the back of a year of close collaboration and the successful delivery of our first joint projects, Osiatis and 1E have agreed to sign an exclusive partnership for distributing 1E’s ActiveEfficiency Solutions in France. 1E believes Osiatis is the best positioned IT player in France to promote ActiveEffiency in [...]

How to Avoid Paying a $7 million True-up Invoice

How to Avoid Paying a $7 million True-up Invoice

Facing a substantial True-up invoice? Historically, software vendors built their financial success on the following iterative principle: 1)      Create a Killer App 2)      Reduce incremental costs, including cost of sales and distribution 3)      Sell in large quantities and possibly on a global scale. Market saturation for enterprise applications, combined with the economic downturn has [...]

Windows migrations

Why Windows Migration OS Projects Don’t Have to be Lengthy and Inherently Inefficient

Let’s talk Windows migration. We are 13 years into the 21st century, and you’d have thought that in this age where if you have the means, you can get buy a ticket and travel to the International Space Station, that migrating corporate distributed PCs estate onto a new OS, [...]