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Recorded : Nov 10, 2015

What is unused software costing your business? Join Senior IT Financial Analyst Buffi Neal as she breaks down the latest figures by industry and software titles. She’ll also introduce a free tool you can utilize to easily scan your own IT estate for unused software. The results may shock you.


Recorded : November 5, 2015

Are you looking for expert tips on troubleshooting your Windows 10 migration process?

Watch and listen in on a discussion of real world migration scenarios with Microsoft MVP and deployment expert Johan Arwidmark and 1E product managers Troy Martin and Jim Bezdan.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Troubleshooting failed deployments
  • Preventing and recovering from deployment failures
  • Monitoring and reporting on deployments with ConfigMgr, 1E reports and CoreTech dashboard

High-Velocity Win10 Migration

Recorded : October 21, 2015

Watch and listen in on a discussion of real world migration scenarios with Johan Arwidmark, Microsoft MVP and 1E product managers Troy Martin and Mike Terrill.

  • Windows 10 deployment scenarios and recommendations
  • Increasing velocity with pre-caching
  • Post-upgrade logistics

Is your enterprise ready for Win10?

Recorded : September 23, 2015

Watch and listen in on a discussion of real world migration scenarios with deployment expert Johan Arwidmark and 1E product managers Troy Martin and Mike Terrill, followed by Q&A session.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Windows 10 editions and servicing branches: What is the right combination for you?
  • Assessing your readiness—infrastructure requirements, devices and configurations
  • Understanding deployment options and upgrade limitations

Turbocharge your Windows 10 migration with Nomad 6.0

Recorded : September 3, 2015

This webinar aims to help you understand how you can automate software deployment and turbocharge your Windows 10 migration projects in a simple, seamless and secure way using 1E's Nomad.

  • How to deliver Windows 10 in the most cost-effective way with Nomad 6.0
  • Hints and Tips from the architects to migrate (to Windows10) in the most economic way
  • How pre-caching can make a significant positive difference without impacting network performance in large-scale environments
  • What's new in Nomad 6.0: Quick OS deployment, upgrade & patching of applications, easy scheduling and management of task sequences, and better security with FIPS compliance

Troy Martin (1E Endpoint Automation Product Team Lead) and Mike Terrill (1E Product Manager – Windows Migrations and User-centric Application Management) will take you through the best practices to run efficient IT.

The Automated Migration: An Analysis of Options

Recorded : August 13th 2015

Take the smart, fast route to Windows 10

Windows 10 will soon be available, and this is just the right time to start planning the migration. Are you prepared for the complexity and overall management challenges for a true "zero-touch" migration?

The good news is that we can help accelerate and simplify your migration, while you drive down costs, remain in control and deliver a great user experience.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How you can make your migration faster, lower-cost and far less disruptive
  • What a "zero-touch" solution looks like
  • The four key options for application preparation and delivery
  • The cost and time implications

Pete Heller, our Head of Customer Success, will take you through 1E's best practices having helped hundreds of companies migrate painlessly and see successful results quickly.

Don’t be slowed down by old-school migration processes - do it the right way, the "zero-touch" way!

Automating Removal of Unused Adobe and Microsoft Software

Recorded : July 15th 2015

One of the most common ways businesses waste money-is buying software that will never be used. But do you know how much money exactly is being thrown down the drain? A survey claims organizations are wasting a whopping $15 billion maintaining unused software each year. Is your organization one of these?

Our software reclaim masterclass can help you discover the secrets to successful reclaim that will deliver significant results in a short span of time. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to reclaim software from your organizations devices and provide near immediate ROI
  • Why desktop management projects fail so often (and how to avoid these failures)
  • Specific approaches to Adobe and Microsoft software reclaim challenges

Maximize Performance and Reduce IT Security Risks for POS and IT Systems

Recorded : June 24th 2015

In this webinar a panel of retail technology experts will discuss practical tips and solutions that go beyond security and spotlight ways that enable retailers to restore the health of their IT systems by successfully managing their software lifecycle. Key takeaways will include:

  • Managing security in a holistic way that includes the software lifecycle and reduces exposure to costly risks
  • Understanding the OS and POS migration process that will be required to meet the EMV deadline
  • Using new administrative management tools to increase overall performance of IT systems and reduce costs

The panel:

  • Jerry Sheldon, VP of Technology IHL Consulting Group, Inc
  • Paul Parke, Vice President of Product & Corporate Marketing, 1E
  • Jim Bezdan, Senior Consultant, 1E

Joe Skorupa, Editorial Director, RIS News

Are Your Pos Systems Secure ?

Recorded : April 24th 2015

In this webinar subject experts Paul Parke, along with Jim Bezdan, whose experience includes POS security projects with some of the largest U.S. and international companies, focus on the difficulties around POS security – including the four key strategies that can help mitigate up to 85% of POS security risks.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to automate, accelerate and reduce software distribution risks on POS
  • How a leading organization with over 8,000 locations completely replaced its manual patching process with a fully automated, zero touch migration solution slashing both the time and cost of migration
  • Ways to considerably reduce software and operating system deployment timelines and cost

Benchmarking the hidden cost of unused software

Recorded : April 2nd 2015

Keen to maximize revenue and profits, software vendors are becoming increasingly vigilant over licensing and have increased the frequency of audits. The vast majority of companies do not have the appropriate processes in place to fully understand and manage their software assets. As a result, over a quarter (28%) of software remains unused or rarely used.

1E Software Usage Benchmark study collected software usage data from 74 companies across 13 industries.  The total seat count in our benchmark database is more than 1.8 million spanning across 1,800 software titles.

We will share the results of this study and identify areas where companies can focus their software license clean-up efforts and reduce the hidden costs of unused software. You can expect to learn:

  • The relationship between software waste growth relative to company size
  • How you can benchmark your waste and focus efforts on high-yield reclamation
  • The top problem-titles and where should you begin your investigation

Learn how benchmarking can help you take an offensive approach to software true-ups, suite negotiations and audits.

Better Together, Shopping & Servicenow

Recorded : March 24th 2015

Would you like to have one consolidated view of all IT incidents or tickets in ServiceNow so you can better correlate incidents with a more targeted response from IT?

The benefit: Fewer resources will be needed to monitor and run your help desk.

A major bottling company has deployed Shopping, 1E's enterprise app store, instead of the native capabilities of ServiceNow. The seamless integration between Shopping and ServiceNow provides:

  • A single system of record to track requests, approvals and delivery of applications, with common audit trails of all requests.
  • An on demand end-user experience where end-users can "shop" for IT assets, thereby maximizing self-service capabilities.
  • System Administrators and help desk personnnel have a single place to monitor the status of user-requests and provide the appropriate level of response.

Ambareesh Kulkarni, VP of Client Services and Liam Morrison, Director of Solution Engineering, will use a live instance of ServiceNow and Shopping, to demonstrate how the two products complement each other and provide a solution that meets the demands of both the end-user and IT.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint --The Easy Way

Recorded : February 26, 2015
With tightening budgets and shrinking margins, how are you achieving your sustainability goals?

Do you know how much it costs to keep the PC estate available for user access? How much of this cost is actually wasted?

  • Measures to help you understand your present energy usage and associated waste
  • Effective ways to remove that waste, reduce your carbon footprint and save money
  • Manage your network securely even while using out-of-hours patch deployment

Good security is good systems management

Recorded : February 24th, 2015
Good security is good systems management and that requires an understanding of the top four mitigation controls that can stop at least 85% of cyber-attacks.

At least 85% of the intrusions that ASD responded to involved adversaries using unsophisticated techniques that would have been mitigated by implementing the top four mitigation strategies.

-Australian Signals Directorate, February 2014

We have reviewed the recommended strategies from this report and addressed why automating patch management of your OS and third-party applications should be an important part of your security strategy.

You'll learn how you can:

  • Ensure OS and application security by patching quickly and efficiently
  • Patch across the entire enterprise in minutes, not days
  • Discover how 1E automates the four mitigation controls

Take this important step towards improving the health, lifespan & security of your PC estate.

Are you confident that your ATMs are secure?

Recorded : February 3, 2015
Upgrading to Windows 7 or higher will deliver the superior customer experience and security you want and need to build into your ATMs. Are you stuck with a manual migration approach that is inconsistent, slow and unreliable? If so, you are familiar with the significant cost and resources associated with a manual migration approach.

What if it could drive down maintenance and support costs by having a single operating system enterprise wide?

One of the largest retail banks in the US was able to do just that and are in the process of significantly reducing the cost and time to migrate their ATMs to Windows 7. The migration will be completed remotely and using Zero Touch technology, thereby minimizing any downtime and disruption.

We share with you strategies and techniques that leading Banks are using to manage their ATMs:

  • How to automate, accelerate and reduce software distribution risks on ATMs.
  • Maximize reliability and performance of ATMs.
  • Considerably reduce software & operating system deployment timelines and cost.

Nomad Upgrade and Best Practices

Recorded : October 29th, 2014
In this webinar, 1E Product Managers Troy Martin and Paul Thomsen provided an overview of some key considerations, processes, and best practices when upgrading 1E Nomad. In addition, the webinar also covered the steps to upgrade 1E Nomad and migrate to the ConfigMgr 2012 client, simultaneously.

During this session you will find answers to the following questions:

  • Are Nomad upgrades easy?
  • Understanding expected migration results
  • Impacts of hashing during the migration
  • What order to migrate in
    • Distribution Points
    • OSD components
    • Agents (by subnet, site/location)
  • Implementing ActiveEfficiency and 1E WakeUp
    • Single Site Download
    • Nomad WakeUp integration

1E and Forrester Webinar

Recorded : October 16, 2014

A new report from Forrester Consulting, exposes the benefits and challenges for organizations looking to adopt Bring Your Own.

In this webinar, Forrester Analyst David Johnson, an expert in client virtualization technologies, will be sharing the findings from the Forrester Technology Adoption Profile: Desktop Virtualization Demand Continues To Grow in Harmony With BYO; a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of 1E.

During this session you will learn how:

  • Employee centricity and flexibility are key to competitive advantage
  • BYOPC will drive IT to adopt newer and better security approaches
  • Locally deployed virtual desktops can accelerate BYOPC

Exclusive: During the webinar, 1E will also share its latest ground-breaking technology in the field of desktop virtualization and BYOPC.

Is unused software costing your organization millions of dollars?

Software license audits are inevitable but paying for unused software isn't. The startling fact is that in most organizations over 30% of the software purchased and deployed is rarely or never used.

Please watch the recording and learn how to:

  • Analyzing your existing SCCM database to determine software usage/waste
  • Establishing entitlement, unit cost, and maintenance for each of the identified titles
  • Determining license and maintenance savings and cost avoidance

With 1E's Software Reclaim as a Service, in less than 30 days we can show you not only where and on how many PCs software is deployed, but also how to manage your software proactively to sucker-punch your auditors with real data. As part of this service, 1E will assist you in re-claiming one software title from a vendor of your choice.

Stop paying for software you don't need; Stop entering Software Audits blindfolded; Stop Truing Up… Start Truing Down.

ConfigMgr 2012 Migration – What do you understand about boundaries?

Learn and understand how to best meet your business requirements and make efficient use of your network infrastructure for your System Center 2012 Configuration Manager deployment.

In System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, a boundary is a network location on the intranet that can contain one or more devices that you want to manage. Boundaries can be an IP subnet, Active Directory site name, IPv6 Prefix, or an IP address range, and the hierarchy can include any combination of these boundary types.

Learn to design your Configuration Manager 2012 migration by diving deep into understanding boundaries:

  • What are Boundaries and Boundary Groups
  • Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
  • Considerations for CM Performance
  • How Nomad simplifies CM Boundary management

SCCM 2012 Migration Best Practices

Why do business as usual, when with Microsoft ConfigMgr 2012 you can have a simpler, scalable and more capable IT environment? But migrating a whole IT infrastructure can be time consuming and a proverbial minefield of pitfalls. Learn more about the best practices for ConfigMgr 2012 Migration in the three part Webinar series.

In the first part, 1E’s experts passed on their knowledge of the discovery process ahead of your ConfigMgr 2012 migration.

In the Design phase, 1E experts discussed how to build a successful ConfigMgr 2012 design by taking into account the needs discussed in the Discovery phase as well as the new features/options available in the latest version of ConfigMgr.

In the third part The POC & Pilot, 1E experts looked at how to test the design and deploy it into production.

Optimizing the Software Estate at Your Federal Agency

According to the recent GAO Report, the federal government plans to spend at least $82 billion on IT products and services, such as software licenses, in fiscal year 2014.

Federal agencies engage in thousands of licensing agreements annually and effectively managing those licenses is critical to prevent over and under licensing, which if left unchecked can have huge financial implications.

So the real question is...

Is your agency able to identify and remove software that is no longer being used?

Imagine a world where you can obtain full visibility into your software estate, proactively reducing licensing costs while saving money. 1E can help make this world your reality.

Please watch the recording and learn how to:

  • Proactively identify unused software
  • Provide an automated, policy driven agentless reclamation utility
  • Optimize IT configuration for compliance and cost reduction/savings

Intelligent Software Distribution in the Modern Workplace

Traditional approaches to software and patch deployment using SCCM are costly, complex and manual.

The good news is we can help!

With 1E you can deliver the software that your users want at the point of need, at any time, while achieving huge savings across your SCCM infrastructure and actively improving your network performance.

Distribute the largest software packages, even full OS images, during the working day, without affecting your business's use of the network.

Get software to the point of need reliably and in the fastest way possible, even to locations with poor connectivity and bandwidth limitations.

Easily extend your SCCM infrastructure to support remote locations, without the need for any distribution point or site servers.

Minimize your ConfigMgr Footprint and Maximize Reliability and Performance

Learn how to deliver the greatest business value with your ConfigMgr 2012 upgrade.
Maximize reliability and performance while simultaneously minimizing your footprint:
  • Design your ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchy with the absolute bare minimum DPs and Secondary sites
  • Reduce the deployment timelines by 2/3rd of the traditional methods
  • Improve your patching and software distribution success

Best Practices in Configuring your ConfigMgr 2012 Implementation for OSD

ConfigMgr 2012 unified infrastructure empowers users and simplifies administration. So the question is not should you upgrade, but how will you upgrade quickly and efficiently without disrupting your business or end-users.
The challenges of a System Center upgrade and learn ConfigMgr 2012 OSD best practices:
  • Operating System Deployment Process design
  • WIM Creation
  • Task Sequence design
  • Operating System Deployment

Don’t just deploy a new Operating System, Deliver Business value

How can an operating system upgrade deliver value to both your business and end-users?
As a first step, reduce the number of applications that need to be migrated. Second, allow users to schedule their own migration and pick what applications they need.
Learn how to migrate painlessly and deliver value to your business.
  • Deploy the right applications to end-users as part of the migration
  • Eliminate unused software by replacing it with applications that will improve productivity
  • Upgrade end-users machines with minimal disruption and at their convenience

4 Key Actions You Can Take to Accelerate Your Windows Migration

The second of a three part webinar series designed to help streamline your migration.
You'll learn how our customers are abandoning manual processes for 100% automation.
Discover how the following four actions can accelerate your migration today:
  • Rationalize your applications before remediating them
  • Maximize and design your migration processes to deliver zero-touch integration
  • Identify and fix infrastructure and client health issues
  • Empower end-users to customize and deploy a new OS

Don’t just Migrate to Windows 7 - Transform your End-User experience

In just under three weeks, Windows XP Extended Support expires.
  • There will be minimal security updates for a limited time
  • Any new vulnerabilities in Windows will leave you exposed
  • Continued use of XP by businesses will attract the attention of hackers

Zero touch Windows 7 migration

1E is pleased to share the technical background behind our Zero Touch Windows Migration solution. In a 3 part series Paul Thomsen, Associate Product Manager, will dive into the technology that many 1E customers have used to upgrade from Windows XP in record time and at minimum cost:

Tips and tricks of a SAM Framework

Join Rory Canavan, Director ITAM Services at 1E to learn tips and tricks in establishing a SAM Framework; specifically concerning the processes that comprise that framework.
The presentation will touch on the following aspects:

Software License Optimization

Get immediate visibility into PC and server application usage, quantify the waste and make immediate cost reductions in software costs.

What’s new in ConfigMgr 2012 R2?

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 offers a great deal of new and promising additions. This webinar provides a ‘techies’ view into some of the valuable features admins are sure to appreciate.

Achieve record breaking Windows 7 deployments

As part of a project to upgrade its entire estate of 80,000 desktops, a US telecoms organization recently deployed Windows 7 on more than 30,000 PCs in just one month with the help of 1E.

Windows 7 Migration: Application Management Considerations

Join Jeff Wyrich in our next series of technical webinars covering the pre-migration topics of an OS migration. After the success of ‘Building efficient ConfigMgr environments’ and ‘Designing Highly Available ConfigMgr environments’.

Designing highly available ConfigMgr environments

With ConfigMgr managing several areas of the desktop management piece the ConfigMgr infrastructure needs to available 24x7. There are several ways to achieve this in ConfigMgr 2012.

Building Efficient ConfigMgr 2012 Infrastructures

The ConfigMgr 2012 architecture has changed the game when it comes to designing a systems management infrastructure to support your enterprise. The conventional, multi-tier SMS/ConfigMgr infrastructure design that has been in practice since SMS 2.0 is no longer the most efficient way to build a ConfigMgr 2012 infrastructure. No single ConfigMgr 2012 hierarchy design may be appropriate for every enterprise, but there are some guiding principles that will help get the most from the new ConfigMgr.

2013 Top Three Trends in Software Asset Management

Learn about the next generation of software asset management (SAM) applications which go beyond helping software vendors…the next generation is about helping you, the customer, identify and reallocate unused licenses on your PC estate.

System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and 1E better together

Improve Software Deployments via Configuration Manager. If you haven’t migrated to ConfigMgr 2012 already, you are either in the review / re-design phase or you are happy staying put on ConfigMgr 2007 for now.

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