Analyze, Optimize, Realize

1E is able to deliver unparalleled gains in IT efficiency to its customers through the combination of the ground-breaking ActiveEfficiency platform and its exclusive Analyze, Optimize, Realize (AOR) methodology.

The Analyze, Optimize, Realize methodology leverages the ActiveEfficiency platform to drive a cycle of continuous efficiency across these three distinct and complementary phases, what we call the AOR cycle.

  • The Analyze practice leverages 1E’s unique Useful Work analytics to identify areas of IT waste across hardware, software, service delivery and energy, and opportunities to free up wasted IT resources and cost. It also creates a benchmark of IT operations practices and costs, against which all savings from the ActiveEfficiency platform are measured.
  • The Optimize practice incorporates 1E’s unique Intelligent Automation Solutions into existing infrastructure designs and solution implementations across hardware, software, service delivery and energy to free up wasted IT resources and cost and fundamentally enhance the agility of an organizations’ IT operations.
  • The Realize practice leverages 1E’s unique IT Efficiency Reporting Dashboard to provide IT managers, IT procurement and IT finance with the actions they need to take to monetize the IT savings and reallocate the freed-up IT resources.

Ensure Continued Success

The AOR Cycle is designed to ensure that the customer is always successful, and maximizes their IT cost savings and return on investment in the 1E ActiveEfficiency platform. Every implementation of the ActiveEfficiency platform includes the first AOR Cycle as standard. After the first AOR cycle is completed, the customer has the option to gain membership in the 1E Center of Excellence. Membership in the 1E Center of Excellence provides exclusive access to the world’s leading collection of IT efficiency expertise, a dedicated custom program for every customer to continually drive the AOR Cycle each Quarter, a dynamic IT efficiency community, plus additional ongoing benefits, all of which ensure the customer’s IT cost savings from the 1E ActiveEfficiency solution continue to be maximized over time and as its IT environment changes.

Training, Knowledge Base and Support

In addition to the AOR Iterative Methodology and the 1E Center of Excellence, 1E provides comprehensive training packages on the ActiveEfficiency solution. Training is provided as standard in all implementations and includes both classroom based training and on-line, as well as access to the 1E Knowledgebase. In addition, the 1E Customer Help Desk is ready to answer any of your questions and talk you through issue resolution, as well as refer you to one of our solution experts.

This commitment to the continued success of our customers is what makes 1E unique.