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Introducing Software Lifecycle Automation
for the Digital Business from 1E.

Our suite of solutions automates the full lifecycle of software within the enterprise. Users request and receive the software they need, wherever they are, in the fastest possible time; security and maintenance is controlled when the software is deployed; and reclaiming unused software allows for smart decision making on licensing. Each solution scales to the largest enterprises in the world, enabling Enterprise IT to become fast, responsive, secure and lean.

Software Lifecycle Automation for the Digital Business from 1E – Capture the Digital Advantage.

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Digital businesses – and their employees – must respond to customer demands immediately in order to win and retain business. To achieve this, they need the same level of responsiveness from their IT services that they wish to deliver to their customers.

To avoid being bypassed, corporate IT must provide users with the tools they need, when and where they need them, so they can respond to customer demands. Ensuring software is always current and up-to-date and that users aren’t missing out on any new functionality will not only deter them from taking software acquisition into their own hands but will empower the business to serve customers better.




The main reason users and lines of business source their own software is speed: the time it takes to get software to the point of need in most organizations is simply unacceptable compared with consumer alternatives. To match the speed that users have become accustomed to in a consumer context, organizations need to streamline and automate their IT from the ground up. Implementing a deployment infrastructure that is optimized for remote users, coupled with a fully automated deployment process that avoids end user disruption will ensure corporate IT delivers tools and whole systems at the pace of the business.


Security breaches make big headlines – and can lead to even bigger losses. What many companies fail to realize is that such intrusions are avoidable – and that poor security is often a symptom of poor systems management. The truth is, by implementing just four key controls, corporate IT can prevent over 80% of security breaches: keeping applications updated, keeping operating systems updated, preventing unauthorized software from running on endpoints and limiting the use of administrative rights. Forget expensive firefighting methods – good security is good systems management.




Lean IT equals spare budget – budget you can spend on innovation that will move your digital business forward. 1E has identified all the areas where organizations are overspending on IT: paying for software they aren’t using (and implementing it in a sub-optimal manner), finding themselves on the wrong end of software license audits (and being poorly armed for license negotiations) and excessive energy consumption. From taking advantage of volume discounts on software, redistributing unused licenses instead of buying new ones, or reducing PC power wastage, we can help you achieve significant savings that can be used to fuel your business’s future.

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