Remove 80% of effort from your Win10 migration project

Upgrade that difficult last 20% today

Windows 10 has over 20 new security features, each designed to mitigate against common attacks.
However, for many organizations, their migration is being impeded by the following upgrade challenges (the 20% of Pareto’s Law). Click on any one for a short video intro on how to reach them.

The secret to Zero-touch Automation

1E’s Windows Servicing Suite is the only solution able to automate your entire migration.

Central to its ability to reach even the difficult last 20% of machines is its Windows Servicing Assistant feature, which enables all end-users to upgrade at a time that suits them.

Compare your options

1E or Modern Management/Co-management

An update method as common as it is complex, here’s how 1E can make a difference to any Wipe-and-Load migration.

The quickest way to migrate existing devices to Windows 10 – but even here there are limitations to a wholly native Microsoft approach.

An ongoing operational requirement beyond your migration, finding the right method for new machines is especially important.

Once your devices are on Windows 10, you still have semi-annual feature updates to plan for. Explore the options for this ongoing process.

“We experimented with Windows 10 in our labs. It took over a day to upgrade from Windows 7: we had to figure out how in the world we’re going to be able to scale this up to 40,000 devices.”

Matt Roper
Cherokee County School District

“We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That's where Windows Servicing Suite came into the picture.”

Michal Lackovic
Program Manager | Schneider Electric

“We deployed a fix across 22,000 devices around the world in two days… with Tachyon we could make sure things happened when they needed to happen.”

Kurt De Ruwe
CIO at Signify (Formerly Philips Lightning)


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