nomad 2012 v5 released
1E Nomad 2012 version 5 Release to market

Hello everyone,

I’m very excited to announce that version 5 of Nomad 2012 has released to market today.

The three highlights of the release are:


Nomad 2012 version 5 Fan out

Nomad’s new many-to-many method of distribution allows distributions to happen in a fully connected or “spider web” manner across the local network.

This is great for massive distributions such as Windows 7 images to happen extremely quickly even on the largest sites without any server infrastructure.

Single Site Download

Nomad 2012 v 5 ssd

Nomad 2012 is more efficient than ever before. Large and complex locations are mapped to ensure content is only ever downloaded once.

This exciting new capability is powered by the 1E ActiveEfficiency™ platform and puts further technical distance between Nomad 2012 and the competition.


Nomad 2012 v5 report

The reporting pack helps gain insight to where Nomad saved you bandwidth and speeds up deployments on a global or per deployment basis.
Operational reports are also available such as Content Pre-caching to give visibility of what’s on what client – very useful for Win 7 deployments

The reporting pack is available from 1E support.

If you need a little more reason to get excited check this video on version 5 of Nomad 2012 out and share with all your contacts:

Nomad 2012 v5 introducing nomad 2012 v5 teaser trailer

This fantastic new release was the culmination of a lot of work from our amazing team.

This release of Nomad uniquely sets it apart from the rest of the industry by touting features such as Reverse QoS™, FanOut, Single Site Download, Multicast and others that make sure we handle your content distribution with resilience and speed without affecting your network links.

Mike Terrill
Mike’s career has been focused around systems management (ConfigMgr) and operating system deployment for almost 20 years (ever since SMS v1.2). He founded and runs the Arizona Systems Management User Group ( He specializes in the design, architecture and installation of System Center Configuration Manager and also Windows operating system deployments. Mike has designed, architected and deployed System Center Configuration Manager in several Fortune 100 companies and has worked with some of the world's largest organizations (400K+ seats). Mike is now a Technology Architect at 1E. In this role, he provides technical direction for 1E technologies as they relate to Configuration Manager and operating system deployment. You can find him on twitter (@miketerrill) and read his personal blog at