Nightwatchman 7.1
Nightwatchman 7.1

One of my greatest honors as a product manager is to announce the release to market of a new version of NightWatchman. NightWatchman 7.1 is now available!

Based on input from many of our existing customers and a lot of hard work from numerous 1E staff, we’ve added some key extensions to the feature set. I think you’ll be impressed by the team’s innovations, once again demonstrating why NightWatchman is unquestionably the industry’s leading power management solution.

In the coming days additional blog posts will go into further detail, but here’s a quick overview of the innovations in NightWatchman 7.1:

  • Reboot Optimization

    • Critical data that you should understand in order to tighten security by improving you reboot strategy. These days we all have to do everything we can to maximize security
  • Power Optimization

    • Ensure that the batteries in your laptops, ultrabooks, tablets, 2-in-1’s, and other devices are still giving your users the battery life they expect
    • Find new problems your users can be hitting with such modern devices. Ensure great user satisfaction and productivity by proactively understanding and isolating problems you can fix. Make sure the devices are giving the smartphone-like experience they promise
  • Secondary Improvements

    • All improvements from 7.0.100 and 7.0.200, including Windows 10 compatibility
    • Web WakeUp and Enterprise View are FIPS compliant (a security standard)
    • Recent bug fixes:
      • Non-laptops were not always preferred over laptops when looking for an available primary agent for WakeUp
      • Keep Active in the system tray icon didn’t show all its options
      • The Web WakeUp API WakeMachines did not work since version 7.0

I encourage you to review the documentation, particularly:

And if you’re an existing customer, please do download the new version of NightWatchman from and give it a try.

If you’re not an existing customer, let’s talk.

Paul Thomsen
Paul Thomsen has been a Product Manager at 1E since August 2014. Current responsibilities include NightWatchman product management and special projects. That followed two and a half years at the company as a Solutions Engineer working directly with many organizations of all sizes. Prior to that Paul worked at Microsoft for 12 years, eight of which were as a senior ConfigMgr Engineer for the teams serving Microsoft IT (300,000 clients) and others. That included “dogfooding” many versions of ConfigMgr. For his first few years at Microsoft, Paul was a technical writer on the ConfigMgr (SCCM) product team. His career has been primarily IT-focused but has included several years as an application developer. Paul has been active in the ConfigMgr community for over 15 years, including presenting at many conferences, blogging at, writing the SMS column for BackOffice magazine for three years, and contributing to several SMS/ConfigMgr books.