Today 1E unveils its new Windows 10 Migration Report. Based on an online survey completed by more than 500 U.S. IT decision makers, the report gives a unique insight into the Windows 10 migration methods currently being employed by today’s enterprises, as well as the intentions and motivations behind them. You can download the report right here.

The study found that many organizations are missing the opportunity to enable advanced Windows 10 security features: the irony is that security remains the single biggest driver behind an enterprise moving to Windows 10 in the first place, with 47% identifying security as the main anticipated benefit. Indeed, the survey confirmed that such security concerns are well warranted, with nearly two in three respondents claiming their organization has experienced a security breach.

Additionally ironic – in this context – is the fact that the study showed that first adopters (73%) and early adopters (53%) were more likely to have experienced a security breach that mid/late adopters (52%).


“Companies clearly want a more secure operating system by adopting Windows 10,” explains Sumir Karayi, founder and CEO of 1E, “but in the rush to get there, organizations can end up being inadequately protected and would benefit from a more methodical approach.”

An additional irony is that, whatever the upgrade approach, nearly all (94%) respondents reported their company’s migration strategy still involves some level of manual labor. This manual intervention delays software rollout, leaves systems vulnerable to attack, and prevents scaling OS deployment to hundreds or thousands of systems in parallel.


Thankfully, there’s no need to shoot the messenger. If you’re looking for a fully secure, fully automated Windows 10 migration, 1E can help.

Meanwhile, if you need to need to educate yourself on how migration can put you at risk in the first place, you can start today by downloading our new report.

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Mark Warren
Mark Warren is Product Marketing Manager for Windows 10 Now at 1E. Mark has over 25 years’ experience of software development and configuration management as a vendor and customer.