Why is workplace technology breaking the employee experience?

Why should you care about employees’ digital experiences?

Employee experience isn’t a new concept. HR organizations globally have been monitoring, measuring, and reporting on employee experience for many years. It’s only recently, however, that heads have turned in the direction of IT. This is due to the inextricable link between a good digital experience and employee retention, engagement, and productivity. And every good technology experience starts with an endpoint.

Employees’ entire business lives are represented through their endpoints. Their device is the only means by which they are able to work, collaborate, and communicate, especially when they’re outside the office. Without performant devices, employees struggle to stay engaged and productive.

IT knows this—and yet, endpoints are plagued with persistent problems:

Over half (53%) of employees experience slow-running devices outside the office

Over half (53%) of employees experience slow-running devices outside the office

60% experience issues with the network, slow-running apps and device performance

Two-thirds (72%) of employees wait hours, days or weeks to get an IT issue resolved

74% of employees experience repeat issues

Two-thirds (72%) of employees wait hours, days or weeks to get an IT issue resolved
Work From Anywhere research report
The New Digital Workplace: Employees’ experiences with universal remote working since COVID

Where did it all go wrong?

Imagine going to see a doctor about a painful foot and all the doctor says is “I think you’ve broken your foot” and sends you on your way. Why? Because that’s all they know, so they keep doing this for every patient.

That’s exactly what’s happening in IT organizations today because the value proposition of incumbent Digital Experience Monitoring solutions is too limited. It goes something like this: we’ll tell you there’s a problem with your devices and what might be causing it. That’s it.

So how is an IT admin supposed to fix the issue?

Where did it all go wrong

Choose a better way…because there is one

It’s no wonder employees are unhappy with their workplace technology. Insights alone have little value without the ability to fix the problem. That’s the premise we worked with when we built Tachyon Experience. And that’s why we don’t just call it a Digital Experience Monitoring solution. Tachyon Experience is a Digital Experience Monitoring and Management solution and it’s the management that we care about.

Tachyon Experience is built on the extensible, lightweight 1E Tachyon Platform to:

  1. Monitor the end-user experience
  2. Remediate issues
  3. Prevent issues from recurring or surfacing for other users
  4. Empower junior IT admins and L1 to rapidly resolve issues on first call


Tachyon Experience provides insights into the key metrics that impact user experience:

  • Responsiveness: A measure of how a device is reacting to the end user’s commands
  • Stability: The frequency of OS and software crashes
  • Performance: A measure of device statistics, such as CPU utilization, memory, and network
  • Sentiment: An aggregated measurement of users’ feelings or opinions of their device’s performance, stability and responsiveness based on user surveys

Combined, these metrics generate an experience score per device, group, or location that provides immediate insight into the current state of endpoint health.


This is where the magic happens. Tachyon Experience’s integration in the 1E Tachyon Platform enables drill-down into problem endpoints to perform real-time diagnostics as if the IT admin was sitting in front of one or all endpoints.

(By the way, when we say real-time, we actually mean real-time. Tachyon is so lightweight it can retrieve information from endpoints in a matter of seconds with no impact to the device itself.)

The best bit about the Tachyon Platform is the 900+ instructions (our term for automated fixes) that are available to all Tachyon customers. So, once you’ve discovered the problem you can fix it within a matter of seconds. We’re so good at this that Forrester described us as:

“…. A full experience management solution for devices. 1E excels at remediating device issues, with hundreds of out-of-the-box scripts, a script builder, suggested actions, and automatic remediation natively available.”
Forrester New Wave™ on End-User Experience Management


Prevention is the next natural step, and one of the most important. Once you’ve fixed an issue, you really shouldn’t need to perform that action ever again. The 1E Platform is one of most powerful tools in the industry as it gives IT the ability to control configurations across the entire estate.

Tachyon allows you to ensure controls are monitored continually, even while devices are offline. And when a user tries to change those settings? Well, Tachyon reverts them right back within just a few milliseconds.


Digital Experience Management is the responsibility of the entire IT organization, so everyone must be empowered to help. That’s why Tachyon was built integration-first. According to EMA:

“Tachyon’s open API architecture ensures the platform is eminently extensible and able to sustain long-term business viability.”

Tachyon embeds seamlessly into your IT environment to interact with your existing tools. One of our most important integrations is with ServiceNow ITSM, which enables L1 and L2 service desk admins to see experience issues and take action directly within ServiceNow. Equally important, we offer users the ability to drive self-service, if they choose to do so, by embedding Tachyon actions in service catalogs or virtual assistants.

A Buyer’s Guide to Digital Experience Management

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