Utility providers will partially or fully fund the costs of a PC power management project

Nick Milne-Home, the president of 1E in North America, has a great piece posted today on the GreenBiz.com web site. I think this is truly interesting because he walks through the opportunities and incentives that are available for companies planning a PC Power Management project, or a server reduction program. These incentives play perfectly alongside our solutions, NightWatchman SE and NightWatchman Server Edition, but there is a time consideration. You must hurry to take advantage.

Utility incentive programs fund anything from 25 percent to 70 percent of qualifying efficiency projects or offer cash rebates for customers who install new, energy efficient IT equipment or cooling systems.

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Want to know how to claim the energy rebates? Grab our whitepaper: How to claim your energy rebate from your utility provider when implementing a PC Power Management solution

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