Discover This great Office 365 deployment method using 1E Nomad


Microsoft Office 365 is a great tool, but deploying and updating it can present a challenge for companies. Not only does deployment have to be carried out by an administrator – making self-service impossible – but updates are streamed down from the internet and can swallow up vital network bandwidth.

1E subject matter expert Mike Terrill has come up with a great solution to this problem that allows you to automate Office 365 deployment and all related updates using your existing System Center 2012/R2 Configuration Manager and 1E Nomad setup. The process takes you from downloading the Office Deployment Tool to full installation in just 8 steps and makes it possible to automate deployment and execute it remotely while saving bandwidth by using Nomad’s peer-to-peer capabilities.

You can read the how-to for this hack on Mike’s Blog, or visit other areas of our website to learn more about Endpoint Automation and Business Prioritized Networks.

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