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Ask Sam – Vendor compliance program links

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Dear Sam,Do you have a list of vendor websites with compliance information?



Ask Sam Dear X,

I applaud you for wanting to get in front of vendor compliance issues. Many vendors, but not all, offer information to aid their customers in license compliance responsibilities. Of course, these sites are general in nature – they may not speak directly to the actual terms and conditions of your specific agreement(s) with the vendor. Further, we’ve heard from users that some information may be out of date – so SAM reminds you to verify the information below before making any changes in your software estate.

In creating this list, I only list vendor references as they tend to be more authoritative than third party references. There are other sites available that are written by third parties and your favorite search engine is your friend there, but make sure to double check the source, there are some reference sites that are not necessarily providing good or correct information.

Below is information for five of the more common vendors people have questions about, Adobe, Autodesk, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. Over time, we’ll add to this list and consolidate.

Note to vendors, if I missed a link, please let me know, and I will update this post.

Adobe (I did a quick search on Adobe.com for License Compliance and found over 9500 links – some of them for open positions)

License agreements
Acrobat on Servers (PDF)
License Policies
Performing an Audit
Adobe Buying Programs


Software License Agreements
License compliance
About Autodesk License Agreements
SAM Toolkit
License Compliance FAQ


Licensing Information
Passport Advantage


Note, Microsoft has done a good job putting this information in one location. The site makes it easy to find what you are looking for by organization size (i.e. small business, medium and enterprise).

Volume Licensing
How volume Licensing Works
License Advisor
SAM and Licensing
Microsoft MVLS


Oracle Licensing