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Celebrating heroes of systems management at MMS 2011 with actual heroes #mms2011

We’ve already talked a bit about how Hasbro’s Mr. Monopoly will be making a grand appearance at MMS 2011 during the “1E Celebrates the Heroes of Systems Management” Gold session, but there’s even more about this session you need to know.

This year, we also have several of our customers actually participating in the session.

Seriously? Seriously.

Why? – well, why would we celebrate systems management heroes without having actual heroes on hand?

MMS As we take a few minutes of your MMS day to celebrate systems management heroes, it just simply makes sense to hear how actual, real-life heroes perform their jobs, save their companies money, and do their part to save the environment.

Hear from the following 1E customers during the session (incidentally, the last two are a secret…shhhhh):

  • Dell
  • CSC
  • Wells Fargo
  • A large US retail chain
  • The leading engineering contractor for offshore drilling

So, you get hear from 5 different companies, from 5 different environments.  That’s huge.  Think about it.  It’s like taking 2 days of MMS and rolling it into an hour and 15 minutes.  You’re guaranteed to get more out of this single session than 5 or 6 sessions combined.  Or, look at it this way – as a System Center admin, would you rather sit through yet another “cloud” session?

Thought so.

Here’s the session details again…

BK08 1E Celebrates the Heroes of Systems Management

Banyan B Wed 3/23 10:15a – 11:30a

In this interactive session, join 1E as we recognize select individuals involved in the evolution of SMS and ConfigMgr over the past decade. This presentation promises to be both educational and entertaining! The heroes will share hard earned advice and interesting facts about themselves to advance your knowledge and insight. In addition, be the first to witness the launch of the latest addition to the 1E product family.

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