Apr 13, 2021 Hannah Lenane

Vlog: Using Tachyon to maximize automation and minimize screen sharing

As the world of work continues to evolve, so must the way organizations enable their Support Desk Engineers to fix problems on the endpoint. With an increasing desire from end-users to have issues resolved in the least disruptive way, it is key to minimize the amount of times a desk needs to take remote control. What’s the answer? Maximizing automation to minimize reliance on screen sharing!

Last week’s Tachyon Tuesday blog explored the changing nature of support in an increasingly hybrid workplace and raised the question “is it time for the ‘white gloves’ to come off?’ Historically, organizations have favoured a more “personal” approach to support, offering screen-share or remote device control options. But we can see that – along with the move to more remote working – users be they VIP’s or anyone else, feel more positive when they can resolve issues on their own, without needing to wait for someone else to help, or to be interrupted by that help.

In this vlog, Jason takes this notion a step further to consider how we can, not just monitor the end user experience, but also improve it! How can we manage end-user and continually improve? Watch on to see how you can implement Quick Assist via Tachyon to eliminate issues with UAC black screens and escalation of privileges and how much faster it can be to fix something via ITSM Augmentation than via screen sharing.

If you found this Tachyon Tuesday vlog helpful, be sure to check out the blog post that preceded it here! Or if you’re keen to learn more about Tachyon, why not check out the Masterclass session Jason delivered at the Work From Anywhere conference earlier this year.