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Benchmarking the hidden cost of unused software

Keen to maximize revenue and profits, software vendors are becoming increasingly vigilant over licensing and have increased the frequency of audits. The vast majority of companies do not have the appropriate processes in place to fully understand and manage their software assets. As a result, over a quarter (28%) of software remains unused or rarely used.

1E Software Usage Benchmark study collected software usage data from 74 companies across 13 industries. The total seat count in our benchmark database is more than 1.8 million spanning across 1,800 software titles.

We will share the results of this study and identify areas where companies can focus their software license clean-up efforts and reduce the hidden costs of unused software. You can expect to learn:

  • The relationship between software waste growth relative to company size
  • How you can benchmark your waste and focus efforts on high-yield reclamation
  • The top problem-titles and where should you begin your investigation

Learn how benchmarking can help you take an offensive approach to software true-ups, suite negotiations and audits.

Benchmarking the hidden cost of unused software

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