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Creaking infrastructure, stressed IT staff and cranky users. Does your Windows 10 migration have to be this way?

This webinar was the second in the series – Windows 10 Migration the beginning, the middle and the (never) end . We discussed the pitfalls to avoid at each stage of the migration process and how you could minimize disruption to your critical business processes and workflows, while ensuring that the different parts of your business migrate in a consistent and repeatable way.

Some of the highlights of the session were – getting ConfigMgr ready for Windows 10, peer-to-peer content distribution options, automating application installation and enabling self-service.

You can view the entire webinar recording below, or take a look at some of the selected highlights that we have made available.

Full webinar recording

Getting ConfigMgr ready for Windows 10

Peer-to-peer content distribution options

Know your hardware

Know your software

Automating application installation

Preserving user data and settings

Enabling self-service

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Dave Fuller
Dave Fuller Windows 10 Program Lead, Marketing
Keith Garner
Keith Garner Windows 10 Solution Architect, 1E

Questions & Answers

We had a lot of great questions submitted during the webinar, and we didn’t have the time to properly address each of them. So we have gathered them together here.

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