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Renewal time again – the data you need and how to use it

In our latest Software Asset Management webinar, we discussed renewals, associated data and savings. Steve Klos, took us through best practices around preparations for renewals, lowering the risk of audits, lowering security risks for organizations, providing an effective ROI for SAM Programs, lowering renewal liabilities and running automated workflows that engage end-user participation.

You can view the entire webinar recording below.

Full webinar recording

Renewal Time Again - Defining Reclaim

Renewal Time Again - Why Should You Care About Unused Software

Renewal Time Again - How are Savings Realized

Renewal Time Again - How do you get usage data?

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Steve Klos
Steve Klos Subject Matter Expert, SAM

Questions & Answers

We had a lot of great questions submitted during the webinar, and we didn’t have the time to properly address each of them. So we have gathered them together here.

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