Welcome, part of the 1E Tachyon Platform, ensures you get the maximum value from Windows Autopilot, simplifies your journey toward Windows 11 and guarantees the best user experience for onboarding every new laptop, every time.

Key benefits

Make onboarding an awesome experience

Surround your new employees with branded comms throughout each step along the way while simplifying engagement throughout their onboarding experience. Ensure new hires have an awesome experience by introducing an intuitive, fully guided onboarding that delights and makes a positive first impression.

Ensure getting a new laptop is the best day

Why is it that getting a new laptop oftentimes fills so many with dread, panic and fear when it should be one of the most exciting times of the year? Encourage your existing employees to spend less time worrying about which apps will be waiting for them with persona-based device management and more time getting excited about being able to jump back in right where they left off, without the hassle.

Reduce the costs of Windows deployment

Almost three quarters of desktop operating systems worldwide are deploying Microsoft Windows and millions of dollars are spent every year providing hardware refreshes or new laptops across the org. Discover the best way to deploy Windows 11 by significantly reducing time and costs with simplifying the build process and reducing service desk requests to zero.

Realize the promise of Windows Autopilot in the real-world

Microsoft promises a better user experience with personalization and a simple setup. Take that promise one step further and actually deliver for enterprises that have complex IT estates and custom-built applications. Tachyon Welcome will pinpoint which devices are even eligible for upgrades or need replaced entirely while ensuring all the required apps and permissions are already in place from day one.

Tachyon Welcome is part of the 1E Tachyon Platform

Tachyon Welcome is the newest module within our platform that leverages Windows Autopilot to provide an awesome new laptop experience from day one. Simplifying the role IT plays in onboarding new devices and ensuring every employee is ready for work without missing a beat.

1E Tachyon Platform
On-demand Webinar

Get ready for Windows 11

With the official release of Windows 11 (October 5) behind us, it’s time to consider what this rollout means for your enterprise. Whether you’re on the fence or all set to get started, this session is sure to provide you with useful insights.

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