Windows Servicing Assistant

On-demand Automation

End users want to get on with their work, wherever or whenever they want.

But IT operations, such as upgrading to Windows 10, are disruptive: meaning work gets interrupted or important updates get delayed.

Empowering end users is the solution to reducing disruption while still deploying important updates and responding to user requests.

Empowering end users

Windows Servicing Assistant gives end users control over Windows servicing tasks without the need for an IT technician going desk-to-desk. Windows Servicing Assistant supports all migration scenarios independent of user location.

Introduction to Windows Servicing Assistant
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“Every day we have users trying to do their job, and the challenge is to make sure that continues. If there’s ever a hiccup in their workflow, it becomes top priority in our group. The challenge is to keep everything flowing.”

Mike Robb
Solutions Engineer | Unum

On-demand Automation

Windows Servicing Assistant uses breakthrough technology to revolutionize the on-demand automation of Windows servicing

Windows 10 upgrade, PC replacement, Break/Fix Rebuild, New PC Setup

Any User location - in the office, at home, hotel, or coffee shop

Automated application management

User data and settings safely preserved

Friendly user experience

Speak with a Specialist

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