Sheppard Robson is a leading architecture firm based in London. They were struggling to patch all of their end user’s machines in a timely manner, as well as experiencing difficulty ensuring all of their Windows Servicing updates were being met. Compliance issues were causing delays, and workers were being forced to wait hours before being able to access their computers. Sheppard Robson turned to 1E to help with their many challenges.


The firm’s required software was causing delays in updates. User productivity was being compromised and the entire team was overwhelmed by the pressure to stay current with the Windows Servicing cadence required to keep the business safe.


Sheppard Robson immediately turned to 1E to help alleviate the burden of patching on time. By deploying WakeUp which is a component of NightWatchman and Nomad, Sheppard Robson was able to deploy patches during off-peak hours, ensuring every machine was patched and there was zero impact on user’s productivity.


Besides seeing an immediate cost-savings, Sheppard Robson improved their patch success rate by a whopping 55%. The new system ensures the entire organization is current and secure without any business interruption.

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“We hibernate the machines overnight and then wake them up, ready for the start first thing Monday morning, so there’s no spin-up time. As soon as they get to their desks, their machines are powered on, waiting for them to log in.”

Simon Johns
IT Director at Sheppard Robson