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Five patching problems you can solve in 2019

Common security issues across all types of industries most likely start with patching. We’re in the midst of a cybersecurity crisis. However, while many are searching for (or claiming to offer) a miracle cure, far too few are properly washing their hands: our cyber hygiene has to improve! Through 2020, 99% of exploited vulnerabilities will be the ones known by security and IT professionals for at least one year. Organizations need to get patched as soon as possible to avoid catastrophic breaches. Here are five common patching problems and the solutions that can make a difference.


01 problem

Bandwidth issues can cause your machines to remain unpatched. Often times, there is too much content to deploy and not enough time allotted to send it.


01 solution

Sometimes thousands of devices need the same content at the exact same time. Nomad by 1E makes sure a greater percentage of machines will patch on time without any disruption to your business. Everyone gets what they need when they need it.


02 problem

Devices are turned off when a patch needs to be deployed. Remote workers may require to be connected to the corporate LAN/WAN/VPN for content to be delivered.


02 solution

In order to get the patch required, all the devices need to be turned on. WakeUp by 1E makes sure your devices are powered on so that they never miss a patch. Tachyon makes sure remote devices are connected during the time the patch is sent.



WMI has to be working for SCCM to work. If SCCM isn’t working, there’s no way you’ll get patched. WMI and SCCM have many uses and patching is definitely amongst them.


03 solution

WMI and SCCM are integral to your infrastructure. Tachyon by 1E checks that WMI is working and can identify, repair, and remediate any issues with SCCM. You no longer have to worry about deployment issues.


04 problem

Most systems need to reboot for the patch to apply and no one wants to do it. End users fear they’ll lose apps, data, and time during the reboot process. They feel out of control and at a loss for how to proceed.


04 solution

End users, for multiple reasons, put off rebooting their machines. Tachyon by 1E gives users flexibility to schedule a reboot to ensure no data is lost, productivity isn’t disturbed, and the patch is takes effect.


05 problem

Patching tools aren’t build for speed and Zero-day scenarios need real-time response. Speed is of the essence – the longer you wait to patch, the longer your system remains at risk.


05 solution

Zero-day scenarios are no longer rarities. Tachyon by 1E is the fastest real-time response tool on the market. You can respond to Zero-day issues, quarantine devices, and deploy patches instantly.

Read our guide to patch success

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is a forbidding one, there are many things organizations need to do in order to protect themselves. Many new security approaches exist to combat novel, evolving threats. Some things, however, remain both unchanged and (to a significant degree) unheeded. It’s still the case, for instance, that the most single most effective thing any organization can do to avoid being breached is to patch thoroughly, frequently, and promptly.

Read our guide to patch success
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