Nomad 6.1 upgrade guide

This release, part of our ongoing commitment to continually improve quality and innovation to address customer challenges, is a significant update that we recommend all users adopt as soon as their plans allow.

The new features in this release have been focused on further streamlining Windows 10 deployments and extending the capabilities of Configuration Manager.

New features from the latest 6.1 release include;

  • BIOS to UEFI – to enable advanced security features in Windows 10, the system needs to be running with UEFI not BIOS. Until now, this has involved manual intervention on every computer to enable UEFI mode. This release of Nomad is the first commercially available tool that automates this critical step making it easier to rollout Windows 10 to thousands of end points in parallel.
  • Simpler OSD support – new Configuration Manager Task Sequence steps are included with Nomad 6.1 for integrating Nomad into the OS deployment
  • Nomad SECure – enable encryption, compression and signing for content distribution.
  • Client Health – an integrated and secure health monitoring feature that allows admins to view the status of their Configuration Manager and Nomad agents.
  • Nomad Dashboard – presents a snapshot of current configuration, client health and content delivery activity within the familiar Config Manager console.
  • Dynamic Pre-cache – reduces overhead costs by automatically updating task sequences as collections or content versions are updated.

Download Nomad 6.1 from 1E Support.