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Guaranteed State

Is configuration drift leaving your organization vulnerable?

Ineffective monitoring, control and remediation processes leave endpoints vulnerable and organizations exposed to security and compliance risk.

Strong IT controls like Microsoft Windows Security Baselines, help organizations to prevent successful cyber-attacks and reduce risk.

According to the 451 Research Group survey

of organizations globally feel that complying with regulatory and industry mandates is either “very” effective  or “extremely” effective in combatting security threats.

A recent Federal Cybersecurity survey found

of IT professionals believe that security controls and mandates can lead to complacency as a tick box exercise – without understating the real, measurable security outcomes achievable.

According to Verizon report on Payment Security

of organizations fell out of compliance less than one year after being assessed compliant.

Compliance drift means controls which are audited annually or quarterly do not provide security value every day.

1E’s Guaranteed State solution leverages Tachyon to remove manual effort and a reliance on tooling such as Group Policy when implementing standardized configuration at scale. Tachyon enables you to configure third party applications as well as Operating Systems. Tachyon distributed computing architecture provides real time visibility and remediation which means you can ensure continual compliance and perform audits of current state in seconds, across all endpoints. Implement standards such as Windows Security Baselines, NIST 800.53, and ISO 27002 or customized configurations. Tachyon guarantees device configuration stays adherent to controls and will alert personnel (including the end-user) when an attempt is made to alter the mandated configuration setting.

Existing policy tools have limited capabilities and poor reporting capability as a result organizations face 3 main compliance challenges.

  1. The adverse impact of unapproved and often unintentional configuration change by end users and administrators leading to ‘Configuration drift’ between audit windows. As a result desktops and servers alike are left vulnerable due to lack of continuous compliance capabilities.
  2. Difficulty in visualizing current actual state and ensuring device configurations remain adherent to policy defined requirements at all times – particularly with regard to devices used by remote workers.
  3. A skills gap in IT which leads to a lack of resources with the technical capability required to ensure continual compliance leaves organizations exposed.

Organizations need to think strategically about operational controls in order to take care of basic hygiene factors which reduce cyber risk and downtime while improving end user productivity.

Apply best practice controls from well-tested configurations such as Windows Security Baselines for your IT environment to strength your security posture.

Ensure you have up to the minute data on current configuration state and compliance of all endpoints – even for remote workers.

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