Remote employee experience

The criticality of employee endpoints during the COVID-19 crisis

Remote worker

To an employee working only from home, their laptop is their primary work and communications tool, so it must be performant, flexible and secure. Also, when the employee calls the service desk it’s essential they get a rapid solution as they have no alternatives.

The challenge when all employees suddenly start working remotely

This change in full-time working location means that employees are encountering new IT problems. They cannot return to work to get them fixed, so they call the service desk. The onsite support and escalation teams have likely gone home too, so the service desk also encounters new problems, such as:

  • A huge increase in service desk calls and wait times
  • Triaging issues is a struggle and physical access to device impractical
  • Very few calls are resolved within ServiceNow as there is no native endpoint management capability

The organization also has a huge issue with governance. All employees are outside the corporate network. So how does the organization make sure the employees’ primary tool, the endpoint, is enabling employee productivity, is supported, and secure?

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52% of the employees say their company lacks the technology to support remote working

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Employee productivity


Working full-time from home

  • Employees experience new challenges such as networking or VPN issues
  • More employees are experiencing endpoint performance (responsiveness) issues
  • Employees cannot work while they wait in the long service desk queues
Employee productivity

How do we help?

Self-help, ServiceNow automation and proactive performance remediation

  • From the ServiceNow console directly fix most endpoint issues
  • Proactively measure performance (responsiveness) and remediate at scale
  • Self-service automation portal for SCCM, Intune, and ServiceNow
1E Named ServiceNow’s EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year

EMEA App Development Platform Partner of the Year 2020

IT capacity


Rapid increase in service desk incidents

  • Existing IT tools are not supporting remote working at scale
  • On average issues are taking too long to fix
  • Service desk L1 engineers cannot close many tickets
IT capacity

How do we help?

Increase IT capacity through automation and self-remediation

  • 1E’s platform provides real-time control over remote endpoints
  • Resolve 40% more tickets within ServiceNow with endpoint automation
  • Continually improve chatbot and first call resolution rates

“The speed at which we’re able to get information from endpoints with Tachyon, especially in critical situations, helps us to respond to incidents, and even replace endpoints, quicker and faster than ever...”

Ivan Jaramillo Director,
Client Support, Pernod Ricard
Operational governance of endpoints


Compliance and governance of remote endpoints

  • Remote endpoints are more vulnerable to attack and theft
  • IT is unable to ensure all operational and security tools are working
  • IT can’t respond fast to security challenges
Operational governance of endpoints

How do we help?

Always stay in control of all remote endpoints

  • Complete visibility, control and compliance of all remote endpoints
  • Monitoring, remediation and impact analysis of all other agents
  • Real-time remediation across all remote endpoints

“Tachyon is a bit like Google for your entire IT landscape.”

Kurt de Ruwe
CIO, Signify

Why 1E?

1E Tachyon is the first real-time platform designed for remote endpoints


Customers in 22 years

14 Million




Renewal rate across core products

$3 Billion


Big Innovation 2020

“Honouring 1E … on improving the daily lives of so many”

Maria Jimenez,

“We are with you in this crisis. We are making our services free so you can get on and support all employees. We also promise to provide relevant technical guidance and solutions rather than marketing and sales gimmicks.”

Sumir Karayi
Founder and CEO, 1E

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