1E Compared to Microsoft Solutions

First and foremost, we augment Microsoft solutions rather than compete. We helped Microsoft SCCM adoption across most large organizations by reducing the infrastructure costs, simplifying the architecture for robustness and proving automation.

Microsoft is the largest IT company and for good reason. They produce products across most IT domains and most of their solutions do the job well. Sometimes customers decide one of those domains is important enough to warrant extra expenditure because it is core to their business. This is when they spend extra money and effort, even though they already have the Microsoft solution included in their bundle pricing. There are thousands of companies that fit in this space, from Salesforce to VMWare and Zoom.

Choose 1E to augment your Microsoft investments if you want:

  • Your IT team to get more done every day at every level
  • Your employees to have the best experience with their Windows machines
  • Your security posture to be stronger through faster hunt and remediation
  • Your software licensing bills to be reduced significantly
  • To migrate from a batch way of working to Real-Time IT
  • You want 1E to research Microsoft technologies and figure out which ones are operationally efficient and then utilize them in the overall automation solution

Specific comparisons

  • Tachyon is a genuine real-time solution as it relies on a single packet exchange for most operations. We could compare some of the solutions which claim to be real-time, but the comparison is pointless as these solutions require 100x more resource and are slow enough that your IT team will still have continual interruption and unfinished work every day.
  • 1E Windows Self-Service automates every aspect of Windows deployments, rebuilds and replacements, irrespective of location. It handles firmware, OS deployment, applications, data and settings, and leverages Microsoft technologies which are operationally effective. Microsoft’s tools do not have this level of automation and thus users cannot self-serve whether at home or in the office.
  • Microsoft do not have a SAM offering.

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