AppClarity: How to rapidly reduce software license costs

As 16%* of an organization’s IT budget is spent on software, identifying the usage of software licenses is critical not only for vendor compliance but also to allow you to reduce spending on unnecessary and unused software licenses.

AppClarity gives you immediate usage visibility of all applications on PCs and servers, it quantifies the waste and enables you to make immediate reductions in software costs.

Join Dave Harding, Product Manager at 1E, to learn how AppClarity:

  • Provides instant visibility of your entire software estate with software usage information for every application
  • Uniquely determines software usage for PCs and servers that you can view via a single console
  • Financially quantifies the unused, unnecessary, and redundant cost of software and shelfware
  • Automates the removal of unused software using a policy-based approach that tracks and reports the savings
  • Provides robust audit readiness in just a few clicks

*Forrester Research Inc. 2013 IT Budget Planning Guide for CIOs By Craig Symons, December 2012. Insight from the Forrsights Budgets and Priorities Tracker Survey

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To date, and that’s not even a month since deployment, we have seen savings of $260,000 which accounts for 3,000 reclaimed licenses and that’s only the first letter of the alphabet of vendors”