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Real-time policy

Client Health

Critical Services Compliance

Patching Visibility

Normalized Inventory

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

Maintain a standardized baseline, rapidly respond to critical issues, and ensure continuous compliance with patching regulations. Ensure client health and give IT professionals the real-time control they need to succeed.
1E - Work Wonders


Financial and Disruption Savings Insights

Easily report on support tickets avoided, financial savings, and the number of hours saved from disruption with customizable calculators.
Financial and Disruption Savings Insights​
Compliance Status

Compliance Status

Review devices that are compliant, problematic, or non-compliant with the rules established for the environment. Real-time policy sync allows for compliance to be addressed based on client health, client diagnostics, and more.

Find and Fix Issues in Real-Time

From client health to patching, find and fix all devices that have drifted from the baseline configuration. Validate that critical services such as SecureBoot, Antivirus, BitLocker, and more are compliant, enabled, and running properly, then automate the fix as necessary.
Find and Fix Issues in Real-Time​
Advanced Dashboard​

Advanced Dashboard

Observe device compliance in an easy-to-use dashboard that displays real-time data.

Custom Configuration

Modify default configurations as desired to allow more in-depth management of Microsoft Intune. Configure details from the rules that impact each status to the time and cost of each support ticket avoided.
Custom Configuration​
IT Infrastructure Optimization​

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Real-time event management for Microsoft Intune troubleshooting, last-mile patching, and hardware/software inventory normalization and visibility.

1E for Microsoft Intune Features

Real-Time Features

1E for Microsoft Intune

Client Health and Remediation
Policy Sync
Critical Services Compliance
Client Diagnostics for Intune Operations
Event Management
Advanced Intune Reporting
Last-mile Patching
Inventory Normalization and Visibility

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliant: Device is compliant with all rules related to Microsoft Intune

Problematic: Device is frequently having issues with rules related to Microsoft Intune

Non-Compliant: Device is currently non-compliant with rule(s) related to Microsoft Intune

Unknown: Device has no rule information available

Yes, the dashboard displays real-time data.
Yes, the device and its status will still show in the dashboard, with its last known status. If events which might change status (such as failed rule compliance) have been happening while the device is offline, the data will by synched and the status will update when the device comes back online.
Rule time savings, user persona settings, support and end-user time costings, and the basis on which rules are considered problematic and more can all be configured.
Once setup, there are enough controls available within the solution dashboard that it is not necessarily required for an admin to have to visit the 1E Platform. However, there are features in the 1E Platform that will further enhance any organization’s management of Microsoft Intune.
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