1E Endpoint Automation

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Activate modern, automated, real-time configuration and compliance for your entire IT estate.

1E Endpoint Automation
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How it helps

Automate configuration compliance at scale, in real time. 1E Endpoint Automation gives you configuration compliance for your entire IT estate (Windows, macOS, and Linux) by providing real-time visibility, configuration compliance automation, and audit reporting support.
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Core features

1E Endpoint Automation provides policies and rules, state reports, and device exploration.

Policies and rules

  • Deploy one or more policies to devices according to their assigned management groups.
  • Each rule can verify a device has a particular state or enforce a predefined state.
Polices and Riles

State reports

  • Show details of currently defined policies, rules, and devices.
  • Overview report summarizes individual reports and monitors the enterprise’s current state in real time.

Explore devices

  • View real-time details of connected devices.
  • Deep integration with 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting for seamless transitions between the capabilities of each product.
Explore Devices Dashboard

Case study

Nationwide: Driving an experience-centric approach to endpoint management

To improve on an already robust approach to endpoint management, Nationwide worked with 1E to improve collaboration with a business-wide initiative focusing on employee experience.

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