1E Endpoint Troubleshooting

Formerly Tachyon Explorer

Troubleshoot faster, respond to security incidents quicker, and resolve issues in minutes—not hours.

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

Know what’s happening on your endpoints—right now. 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting gives IT configuration visibility and control of every endpoint in your estate. Troubleshoot faster, respond quickly to security incidents, and resolve issues in minutes–not hours.
1E - Work Wonders

Core features

1E Endpoint Troubleshooting provides natural language endpoint queries, remote endpoint actions, and approval workflows for high-impact changes.

Natural language endpoint query

  • User-friendly front end and natural language understanding for faster queries, investigation, and visibility.
  • Respond to audits and security vulnerabilities with instant visibility into affected systems.
Natural language endpoint response time
Remote endpoint actions dashboard

Remote endpoint actions

  • Take action on one or many endpoints in real-time.
  • Use the automation library with 900+ pre-built instructions and counting.
  • Create new instructions easily and safely with a sandbox agent, reducing cost per ticket with proactive remediation at scale.

Approval workflow

  • Designated admins can review and approve high-impact changes.
  • Add approvers to your workflow to reduce the risk of mistakes and malicious actions.
Approval Workflow Dashboard

Case study

1E: Enabling Carollo Engineers to maintain productivity when working from anywhere

When working from anywhere became the norm, Carollo turned to 1E to help improve visibility, regain control over endpoints, and reduce support man hours.

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