1E Experience Analytics

Formerly Tachyon Experience

Get a complete view of the end user experience by tracking stability, responsiveness, performance, and sentiment.

How it helps

Get a deeper understanding of your employee digital experience. 1E Experience Analytics gives you real-time visibility into the stability, responsiveness, and performance of endpoints and software. It combines this information with direct sentiment feedback from end-users to create a complete view of their experiences. Act on insights faster, drive better employee engagement, increase productivity, and power more efficient IT support operations.

Core features

1E Experience Analytics provides experience scores, performance, responsiveness, and stability analytics, and advanced network and boot analytics.

Virtual Desktop Experience (VDX)

Empower your IT teams with VDX for comprehensive virtual desktop infrastructure management.

Application Experience Management (AXM)

Application Experience Management (AXM): Optimize and enhance application performance, providing invaluable insights for your IT infrastructure and ensuring a better digital employee experience.

Experience score​​

Get a global view of the experience within your company.

Segment by group or hardware type.

Drill-down to understand the factors driving great (and not so great) experiences.

Performance, responsiveness, and stability analytics

In addition to the usual performance measures, get insights into responsiveness and stability to gauge sluggishness and crashiness.

Advanced network and boot analytics​​

Special diagnostic screens to highlight and troubleshoot issues caused by WiFi problems, network connectivity, and slow boot-up time.

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