1E Employee Sentiment

Formerly Tachyon Sentiment

Understand how end users feel about their digital environments by systematically collecting, measuring, and surfacing actionable feedback.

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

To optimize IT, you need to understand how end users feel and what they need. 1E Employee Sentiment continuously collects and measures end user feedback to give you up-to-date sentiment scores, so you can make better choices for your workforce and speed up digital transformation.
1E - Work Wonders

Core features

1E Employee Sentiment features highly-configurable context-aware surveys to produce sentiment scores.

Context-aware surveys

Trigger surveys in response to user contexts, such as when a specific app is used or after an IT update.

Context Aware Surveys


Choose from many survey options, including ratings out of ten, smiley faces, and free-form text fields.

Inform DEX scores

When used with Experience Analytics, DEX scores can incorporate sentiment scores and quantitative metrics like Performance, Responsiveness, and Stability.

DEX Scores

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