1E for Software Reclaim

Gain clear insights into software usage and reclaim underused, redundant, or vulnerable software.


Reduce Software

Understand Software

Eliminate Underused

Improve Device

Increase License

How it helps

1E for Software Reclaim improves cost-effectiveness and device security. Remove the guesswork from managing unused or underutilized software and transition to data-driven software allocation. Give your IT operations teams a seamless workflow to make strategic decisions, secure endpoints, and provide a better digital experience.

Core Features

Software Usage Status

Deliver substantial savings and make informed software retention and removal decisions by understanding which software titles are used, unused, or rarely used.
Software Usage Status ​
Savings Insights​

Savings Insights

Analyze potential and achieved savings by vendor, software title, location, etc. and identify top savings opportunities.

Custom Reclaim Rules

Equip your IT team with the power to tailor specific reclaim rules for individual software products and devices. Optimize your software spend and generate cost savings.
Custom Reclaim Rules​
Reduce Shelfware Risk

Reduce Shelfware Risk

Control software sprawl, find and remove shelfware, reducing chances for cyberattacks and making systems more secure.

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