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Customizable, Real-Time Hardware Lifecycle Management
Refreshing the Device

Get the most out of your device refresh cycle

Lower Hardware

Reduce Carbon

Improve Device Health Visibility

Match Devices to User Needs

Decrease User

1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

Cut hardware lifecycle costs without annoying end-users. 1E for Device Refresh optimizes hardware expenses and provides users with the best possible digital experiences. Stop letting random device issues and age-based refresh cycles dictate your device purchase decisions. Embrace a performance-centric approach to decision-making and revolutionize your device refresh strategy.
1E - Work Wonders


Device Refresh Status

Get data-driven recommendations on whether devices should be refreshed, replaced, repaired, reassigned, or retained. Each device receives a status that is determined by health-related metrics.
Device Refresh Status
Financial and Carbon Savings Insights

Financial and Carbon Savings Insights

Effortlessly realize the cost and carbon savings associated to avoiding unnecessary device purchases with 1E’s customizable calculators.

Advanced Dashboard

Monitor devices in an easy-to-use dashboard that displays real-time data to make fast and effective device decisions.
1E Device Refresh - Advanced Dashboard
Customized Configuration

Customized Configuration

Modify 1E’s default configurations as desired to allow the refresh strategy to meet needs of the organization. Configure details from status names to what data is collected and when.

Performance, responsiveness, and stability analytics

Proactively monitor devices for crashes, lags, high hardware utilization and other factors that could indicate a poor digital experience for end users.
Measure Performance and Stability
Remote Endpoint Queries and Actions

Remote endpoint queries and remediations

Need to log a ticket to kick-off a repair or further investigate a device? Explore and take action on endpoints in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retain: Device is suitable for the current user; No issues with the device

Repair: One or more hardware failures have been detected, indicating that this machine should be repaired

Reassign: Device is not suitable for the current user

Refresh: Device is not performing as expected

Replace: Device is not suitable for any user

Yes, the dashboard displays real-time data.

Yes, the device and its status will still show in the dashboard, with its last known status. If events which might change status (such as application crashes) have been happening while the device is offline, the data will by synced and the status will update when the device comes back online.

Status names, the rules which are the basis upon which statuses are assigned, device model categorization, user persona settings and persona demand – basically everything.
There are enough controls available within the solution dashboard that it is not necessarily required for an admin to have to visit the 1E Platform. However, there are features in the 1E Platform that will further enhance any organization’s device refresh strategy.

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