1E platform overview

The 1E platform helps IT teams improve end user experience, tighten security, reduce costs, and evolve IT Operations from cost center to strategic enabler. Our platform contains 1E for Visibility, Control, and Compliance, 1E for Digital Experience Observability, and 1E for Service Desk Automation solutions.

1E Platform

1E Intelligence

Leverage AI to manage IT issues before they impact the user.

1E Endpoint Automation

Modern, automated, real-time configuration and compliance for the entire IT estate.

1E Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow

Decrease resolution times without leaving ServiceNow.

1E Employee Sentiment

Understand how end users feel about their digital environments by systematically collecting, measuring, and surfacing actionable end user feedback.

1E Endpoint Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot faster, respond quickly to security incidents and threats, and provide a better employee experience by resolving issues in minutes instead of hours.

1E Automated Self Service for ServiceNow

Automate common requests, eliminate the need for tickets, and free service desk agents to focus on high-value tasks.

1E Inventory Insights

Improve device stability and performance with insights on software usage so you can remove whatever isn’t being used.

1E Experience Analytics

Get a complete view of the end user experience by tracking stability, responsiveness, performance, and sentiment.

1E Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager

Prevent employees from being impacted by distributions by intelligently using spare bandwidth for all IT content distribution.

1E Patch Insights

See and track patching progress across your entire device environment.

1E Software Reclaim

Manage software costs, provides control of licenses and removes underutilized software from endpoints.

Why 1E?

Better experience

1E helps IT deliver frustration-free technology. The platform proactively surfaces issues, remediates them with automation, measures end user sentiment, and provides an overall digital employee experience (DEX) score. The result is a new level of empathy between IT and employees, better experiences every day, and more employees doing their best work.

More secure

1E’s real-time capabilities tighten security and compliance while—uniquely—also improving experience. The platform gives you true confidence around endpoint compliance as drift is fixed in real-time and allows IT departments to respond to vulnerabilities within minutes—not days or weeks.

Business aligned

1E is the only technology that delivers DEX with a hard ROI. 1E’s modern automation and deep integrations radically lower the costs of service desk operations, endpoint estate management, and responding to business priorities.

Case study

Nationwide drives an employee-centric approach to endpoint management

Using the 1E Platform, Nationwide was able to adopt an employee-centric approach to endpoint management while driving down costs and keeping devices secure.

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