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Count on 1E Professional Services to maximize your investment. Our experienced team offers expert solutions to enhance end user experience, bolster security, and drive cost savings.
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Key Challenges Addressed

Time to value

Implementing new solutions and optimizing IT environments is time consuming. The 1E Professional Services team can help customers accelerate time to value with 1E solutions. Measurable results, faster.

Resource constraints

Many IT teams are stretched thin and short on resources to manage complex IT environments and implement new solutions. The 1E Professional Services team can step in to help you customers meet their IT goals without overburdening internal teams.

Technical Expertise

The 1E Professional Services team combines deep 1E expertise with a broad knowledge of the IT landscape. They help customers stay current on the latest technologies, while optimizing solutions for performance, security, and reliability. Count on them to keep your IT environment up-to-date and efficient.
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Professional Services Packages


1E Professional Services simplify complex IT solution implementations. Their expertise aids organizations with limited resources or knowledge. From planning to deployment, they assist in every step, providing training and support to optimize the solution for unique needs. Their guidance reduces risks, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation, delivering faster time-to-value for customers.

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Custom Solutions

1E Professional Services work closely with customers to tailor solutions to their specific DEX requirements. By understanding the unique challenges faced by our customers, the team develops customized solutions that optimize efficiency, security, and digital employee experience. Customers benefit from their expertise to achieve cost reduction, improved performance, and overall IT success.

Integration Package for ServiceNow

Transform your ServiceNow service desk with 1E's Professional Services Integration Package.

Our solution integrates real-time automation and self-service capabilities, improving operational efficiency and user experience. Our services are modular, supporting up to four ServiceNow instances (Dev/Test/QA/Prod) for optimal flexibility.

With a streamlined procurement process, expert support, and a tailored approach, our package simplifies implementation, accelerates time-to-value, and helps service desk leaders meet the demands of a hybrid workforce while lowering costs and enhancing satisfaction.

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Add-on Packages

Our Professional Services add-on packages help customize and adopt DEX Packs and Endpoint Automation Rules so you can expand faster.

With fixed-fee packages (Small, Essential, Standard, and Premium), you get a specific number of DEX Packs and Rules to automate tasks, streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve compliance.

Customers can tailor these packages, all of which offer implementation value and speed.

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DEX Recommendation Report

1E’s DEX Recommendation Reports help you improve digital employee experience.

Our tailored packages (Report Only, Assistance, and Full) address varied customer needs. They include assessments, recommendations, support, and reports to enhance engagement, productivity, and retention.

1E Professional Services

HealthCheck Packages

Experience the full potential of your on-premises or SaaS-hosted 1E platform with 1E HealthCheck.

Our comprehensive package offers infrastructure assessment, software performance audits, security analysis, user experience evaluation, and customized improvement plans.

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Key Benefits


The 1E Professional Services team has deep expertise in all things 1E and a thorough understanding of the IT landscape. They help customers optimize their 1E implementation, address complex issues, and ensure that 1E solutions align with their specific needs and goals.


The 1E Professional Services team helps customers accelerate their time to value. They quickly identify and prioritize the most critical areas for improvement, and then implement solutions that drive rapid, measurable results.


1E Professional Services works closely with customers to ensure full understanding of their needs. Customers can collaborate with the team to design and implement solutions for their specific requirements, rather than relying on generic, one-size-fits-all approaches.


Your 1E Professional Services and Customer Success teams provide ongoing support. This includes check-ins, training, and updates. With their assistance, customers can confidently maintain and optimize their solution for long-term value.

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