1E Patch Insights

Increase patch compliance by visualizing real-time patch status and surfacing details on patch failures.

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How it helps

1E Patch Insights helps IT teams increase compliance by identifying where the last 10% of patches fail. Our product provides holistic, real-time visibility into the Microsoft Windows patching process by surfacing relevant details about why patches fail. You can visualize the detailed patch status of your enterprise’s entire device environment, identify and close blindspots in the patching process, and increase patch compliance.
1E - Work Wonders

Core features

1E Patch Insights contains key features like a real-time, filterable dashboard, patch scoring and filters, and direct patching from the dashboard.

Real-time, filterable dashboard

Accurately represent the status of your patch landscape.

Real-time filterable dashboard
Patching scoring and filters dashboard

Patch scoring and filters

Help Patch Administrators decide which patches are critical and which can wait for remedies.

Direct patching from dashboard

Patch directly from the 1E Patch Insights dashboard, using SCCM, WSUS, or Intune patching mechanisms.

Direct patching dashboard

Case study

Nationwide: Driving an experience-centric approach to endpoint management

To improve on an already robust approach to endpoint management, Nationwide worked with 1E to improve collaboration with a business-wide initiative focusing on employee experience.

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