1E Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager

Formerly Nomad

Deploy, don’t disrupt. Augment Microsoft Configuration Manager with self-managing distribution infrastructure and client health.

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1E - Work Wonders

How it helps

1E Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager uses only available bandwidth for content distribution and doesn’t rely on distributed servers. You get a self-managing distribution infrastructure with less complexity and management overhead, ensuring your endpoint estate stays completely healthy.

1E - Work Wonders

Core features

1E Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager contains everything from a DEX bandwidth protection algorithm to client health visualization.

DEX bandwidth protection algorithm

Proven peer-to-peer technology intelligently uses only spare bandwidth for all IT content distribution to eliminate disruptions caused by IT deployments.

The algorithm reserves bandwidth for sudden bursts of user network activity and backs off the instant the user needs more bandwidth.

Single-site download

For large and complex environments of sites with many subnets, single-site download (SSD) downloads across WAN only happen once per site.

Self-managing, peer-to-peer election process

1E’s dynamic election process picks a machine to download content to share with peers and switches to another available endpoint if the current endpoint becomes unavailable—even mid-deployment.

Case study

1E and Bacardi: a perfect cocktail for the Windows 10 era

This is the story of how an already iconic brand became more agile, more efficient, and more automated with 1E.

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