1E Inventory Insights

Capture accurate, timely, normalized inventory and enrich it with insights to help IT teams make better decisions.

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How it helps

1E Inventory Insights captures accurate, timely inventory and enriches it with insight by normalizing software and hardware records into a standard vendor, product, and version format. IT teams get advanced analysis (such as software usage) to make better decisions.
1E - Work Wonders

Core features

1E Inventory Insights provides normalized inventory, software usage analytics, and (enterprise only) ServiceNow CMDB Augmentation.

Normalized inventory

  • Consolidate and normalize software inventory into a consistent Vendor, Product, and Version schema to get a clear view on what’s out there.
  • Understand hardware usage, such as which employees use the most devices.

Software usage analytics

Group all software into Used, Rarely Used, and Unused so you can make better licensing decisions and reduce software bloat.

ServiceNow CMDB augmentation (enterprise only)

Augment ServiceNow CMDB with real-time, hyper-accurate inventory to solve the stale data problem.

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