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Leveraging AI to manage IT issues before they impact the user.

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How it helps

1E Intelligence elevates IT operations by merging Edge AI with cloud AI for swift, insightful decision-making. This dual approach delivers real-time insights at the edge, enhancing device performance and user experience without compromising on scalability. IT teams benefit from a proactive tech environment that anticipates needs and resolves issues efficiently, ensuring a smooth, personalized digital workspace for every user.
1E - Work Wonders


Intelligent Sentiment

With 1E Intelligence’s Intelligent Sentiment, IT teams gain an edge by leveraging Digital Twin AI that predicts and resolves friction points in real time. This empowers a frictionless digital employee experience, placing user needs at the core of IT strategy and driving optimized operations across the enterprise.
Intelligent Sentiment
Intelligent Insight

Intelligent Insights

Empower decision-makers with Intelligent Insights from 1E Intelligence, where predictive, causal, and generative AI converge to provide a deep understanding of the digital employee experience. Transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights, ensuring digital workplace leaders can make informed decisions that boost uptime and operational efficiency.

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