UK University Sees an ROI of Five Times Investment in PC Power Management with 1E


PC power management project at Liverpool John Moores University yields annual, repeatable savings of £196,000 – equivalent to £388 per weekday

One of Britain’s largest universities, Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) has deployed NightWatchman® and WakeUp™. The PC power management project, part of the higher education institution’s Carbon Management Programme, enables the university to see a five-time return on its investment within the first year, reducing its energy bill by eight per cent and prevent 1.89m kg C02 from entering the atmosphere.

The university needed central control of the power state of its PCs, while at the same time keeping these updated, patched and virus-free.  Power & Patch Management from 1E is a scalable, proven solution integrating NightWatchman® and WakeUp™, which revolutionizes the ability of any organization to safely and remotely power manage its computers, ensuring all PCs are on, available and healthy when needed while making sure they are not consuming energy when not required.

Since PCs were first installed and networked in the university, users were always advised that their PCs should be left powered on, in order that essential security and other updates could be applied to them over the network. In today’s carbon-conscious times, it became clear that this had to change radically,” says Norman Partington, Deputy Director, Computing & Information Services, LJMU. 

“We chose NightWatchman and WakeUp from 1E because we liked the idea that we could keep PCs switched off overnight, but wake them up automatically early in the morning for network updates to be applied before staff and students arrived. We felt it was the best solution to help us achieve our goals. Better still, it integrated seamlessly with our existing Microsoft network management platform, while other software would have required an entirely separate PC asset database to be maintained,” adds Partington.

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