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Susan Kent is the Corporate Marketing Manager at 1E and looks after marketing communications. She works closely with Product Management on the one hand, and Sales on the other, and uses her skills in taking the complex technologies of enterprise IT to communicate the business drivers and benefits to readers. Su has worked in the IT sector since 2000, both in house and as a freelance, writing white papers, thought leadership articles, newsletters, case studies, magazines, brochures, blogs and online content.

Corporate Marketing Manager

Achieving fully automated zero-touch Windows migration

Achieving fully automated zero-touch Windows migration


We understand how daunting deploying a new Operating system across an entire corporate estate can be, which is why we have announced a new eBook, “Zero-Touch Windows Migration,” which outlines the smartest, fastest way for IT teams to deliver new Operating Systems and migrate applications. The eBook comes as Microsoft’s April […]

IT Efficiency and the Metropolitan Police

‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo, it’s time to get IT Efficient


‘Allo ‘allo ‘allo, it’s time to get efficient and smarten up IT practices It has been a few years since IDC and Gartner blew the whistle on the fact that far from embracing IT Efficiency, most organizations’ IT departments spend 80% of their annual budget on merely keeping ‘the lights […]