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The number one question from the IAITAM ACE 2016 conference


Having returned from the IAITAM ACE conference in New Orleans, I was struck by the number of times I heard, “I am not sure what to focus on when starting a Software Asset Management program.” The question seems simple and this recent blog from John DeVito outlines some key considerations to take into account when…

Power Optimization

What is Power Optimization?


The recent release of NightWatchman 7.1 includes two important new features: Power Optimization and Reboot Optimization. Let’s focus on Power Optimization. NightWatchman has long helped many organizations with power management to reduce costs and environmental impact by reliably and safely shutting off computers or putting them in a standby state when they’re not being used. That…


Ask SAM – SCCM Software Metering


Dear Sam, During 1E’s Software Asset Management Webinar, Leveraging the Power of SAM – from Tactical to Strategic, a question was raised regarding 1E’s free Software Lifecycle Intelligence Tool: “Do you need metering or usage configured for the 1E Intelligence tool to work correctly?” I remain confused as to how the tool can return results if SCCM…