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Celebrating the 1E Community, Sunshine, our people, and the things we care about

Glasses of champagne on background with blurred lights

1E Celebrates 18 Years

1E’s London team was in celebratory mode for this year’s summer party, which also provided an opportunity to mark the company’s 18th birthday. Friends and family joined in for an afternoon of face painting, rounders, football and BBQ in the gardens of Parkstead House, an 18th century neo-classical Palladian villa in Roehampton. To mark the…


The Global Reach of 1E Skills

Take advantage of expert knowledge. So you’ve been wowed by the sales pitch, the demo showed everything working just the way you want it to and now you’re seriously considering handing some money over and getting the software to solve all your problems. But, as noted in Adam Welker’s blog, software alone does not solve…

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