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Where are the women in technology?

1E Sponsors Women’s Technology Award Why have a Technology Award for women? Because over the past 30+ years in the IT industry, there has been very little change in the proportion of women in IT departments, despite many more women studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) subjects, and becoming more familiar with technology from early…


Taking an active role

As a technical author, I’m often stopped when walking down the street to answer questions on active versus passive voice. I do wish it would stop… but it does get me thinking, there are a lot of recommendations that advocate the use of one voice over the other, but could I clarify those in the…

The trick behind communicating effectively

The trick behind communicating effectively

Communicating through text is becoming more popular and important all the time. The combination of the internet and mobile devices has unleashed text messages, blogs, tweets and a plethora of longer articles and books all available at the click of a button. All these forms have their own sets of rules for effective communication, from…

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