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IT Efficiency

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1E Nomad

How does Nomad determine network bandwidth and protect your network? Ping? Nope. Try Reverse QoS instead


Network Ping, DiffServ, QoS or something special? There are lots of ways to calculate network bandwidth. A network ping can determine WAN speed but this is not ideal as many organizations disable ICMP for many security reasons. Windows firewall alone blocks a lot of ping traffic by default due to the inherent security issues that can be…

AOR - Analyze Optimize Realize

AOR – Proving Realized Value


AOR, a different approach Increasingly, CIOs are expected to reverse justify every major IT program and initiative.  Project sponsors are regularly expected to show the realized results of their projects against the prospective business cases generated at the beginning of their initiative and explain differences.  IT financial management experts and analysts regularly recommend this backward-looking…

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