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    How can you cut IT waste and apply more of your agency’s budget to your mission?

    • Stop paying for unused software and “shelf ware”
    • Streamline your Windows systems management infrastructure
    • Comply with Executive Orders 13576 and 13589
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    How can you “Do More With Less?

    • How can you maximize the ROI of Federal IT?
    • Increase Compliance with PortfolioStat
    • Utilize the 1E ActiveEfficiencyTM Platform – the world’s first IT efficiency platform
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    Stop paying for software you’re not using

    • How can you determine what software is being used and what’s not?
    • How can you be ready for your next software audit?
    • How can you know what your software needs really are?
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    Does your Windows migration need Supercharging?

    • Are you ready for XP maintenance to be discontinued?
    • Do you need a plan to get migration done quickly?
    • Do you need to cut costs out of your current migration plan?
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    Is your agency in compliance?

    • How can you help the CIO comply with the funding bill?
    • How can you be ready for the requirement?
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    Is your agency wasting money on unnecessary energy costs?

    • How can you lower your energy costs?
    • How can you reduce your agency’s carbon footprint?
    • How can your agency comply with Executive order 13514?