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Here you can access more information about 1E’s solutions and technology. You can download white papers, product sheets and services information as well as watch videos, read customer stories and access analyst research. You don’t just have to take our word for it – we deliver real solutions for real problems and our customers are enthusiastic advocates. Hear from them how they have made truly significant savings in money and manpower, as well as reducing their carbon footprint, by becoming more IT efficient with 1E.

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Customer Videos

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"The only way we know to manage 350,000 machines is by using Nomad, otherwise I’d be babysitting thousands of distributions points and I don’t have time for that."

"We use NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our power savings initiative and made ROI in under a year and reduced our CO2 footprint by 1000 metric tons."

"We like to think of it as the of getting your software."

"How NightWatchman has helped CSC to reduce energy across the corporation and save a tremendous amount of money."

"We are very excited about the deep partnership we have with 1E. The key solution accelerators to enhance ConfigMgr are Nomad and Shopping."

"The main objective of the partnership between 1E and LongView Systems is to enhance our Windows 7 program office with the 1E stack of solutions."

"We save approximately $2,400 a month by shutting down 600-700 PCs."

"We're saving between $40 and $50 per PC using NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management."

"We saved over $500,000 in the first month of using AppClarity for one of our clients which gave them a net ROI within three months post project delivery."

"We are currently achieving our energy targets and achieving a saving of £27,000 a year."

"We introduced NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our green initiative and we have made more than $77,000 in the first year."

"1E is has helped us improve our software distribution success rate and meet our corporate green initiatives."

"Our original architecture relied on 700 servers, with Nomad we have dropped that to 300."


Customer Case Studies

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A large pharmaceutical delivers an enterprise app store for its 60,000 users. In 12 months, the organization made savings of $5 million.

Global professional services firm saves 33 percent on PC energy costs each year with PC Power Management from NightWatchman Enterprise.

AppClarity reclaims unused applications and Shopping avoids unnecessary spend on help desk costs through self-service provisioning

World’s sixth largest insurer cuts costs and CO2 by 4,138 tonnes with NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management.

32 tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions saved and patch management possible with Wake-on-Lan solution.

With PC Power Management the health foundation is looking at minimum annual savings of £20,000.

Self-service software store handles more than 500 user-initiated requests every month.

Parker deploys shopping to drive down costs and drive up productivity

Integrated power and efficiency savings - annual power savings of $608,000 and annual electricity reduction of 6,176,000 kW

Hospital Trust makes savings of more than £27,000 per year – an annual reduction of over 420 tonnes of CO2

Through our deployment of AppClarity, and our excellent working relationship with 1E, we have made $326,478 in cost savings in just eight weeks, across our estate of 13,000 PCs, through the identification and reclaim of unused software.

Application Mapping automates and accelerates software reinstallation during Windows 7 migrations to deliver a better experience at reduced cost

Thirty-fold ROI in server CAPEX and OPEX across Saint-Gobain Group thanks to Nomad

AppClarity reclaims unused applications to become compliant and save money, and NightWatchman Enterprise fulfills green IT initiative through PC power management

Reduced power costs and associated CO2 emissions from computers by 51%. End users experienced greatly improved, zero-impact software patching and upgrades.

Syngenta saves over $1.7m every year by implementing on-demand user self-service.

Shopping prevents 14,000 annual help desk calls, resulting in savings of $560,000 a Year

Operating System deployments and upgrades with zero disruption and 21,000 tonne reduction in CO2 per annum

Better power management, savings of $1.3 million per year and no compromise on performance.

Application Mapping automates andaccelerates software reinstallation duringWindows 7 migrations to deliver a betterexperience at reduced cost

Housing development company Pedcorcompletes OS deployment in a few weeks usingautomated systems management solution todeploy Windows 8 and Microsoft System Center2012 Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) tomultiple locations


White Papers

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Tips for success from 1E consultants who took a deep dive into System Center 2012

There is no longer a “one solution fits all” approach for OS deployments as the provision of OS and the delivery ofbusiness applications need to be scalable and efficient as well as adapt to the changing ways in which people work.

Simple accurate energy reporting across geographic boundaries

in the light of recent US Executive Orders, discover how electronic stewardship is made easier with 1E.

Reduced WAN bandwidth usage improves application responsiveness whether remote, at head office or in a data center.

Microsoft and 1E together offer a best-of-breed PC power management solution.

How Nomad Enterprise functionality compares with WAN optimization appliances for network efficient systems management.

Discover how dynamically controlling your license estate leads to a software balance and protects your organization.

How 1E PXE Lite provides the lowest cost network booting solution. It eliminates the need for local servers and the associated costs of managing them.

AppClarity identifies unused software and enables you to remove and reallocate it, radically cutting costs and reducing waste.

PC utilization monitoring across your estate

NightWatchman Enterprise is a more reliable mechanism for power managing your PC estate.


Industry Reports


In this report we look at how running IT efficiently is being sought by business leaders who are demanding that CIOs must reduce costs. At 1E, we believe that efficiency is the next strategic focus that the business will force on to IT. Read this report and see where cost reduction can happen

This research looks at how effective businesses are at managing their software licenses and usage. Many organizations are still relying on ad-hoc and manual methods to track usage.

Your workforce seeks tools to help them get their job done, and they often need more than the locked-down laptop and smartphone you give them

Green Grid

Industry Analysis

In this report, Ovum examines the competitive landscape of PC Power Management solutions. This assessment is a quantitative and qualitative representation of Ovum's view and opinion about the competitive market environment for these solutions.

This research note looks at how Nomad 2012 obviates the need for specialist migration project teams and dedicated infrastructure when it comes to Windows 7 or 8 migrations, patching and software distribution


Product Sheets

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Immediately identifies and accurately quantifies your software waste and enables you to make immediate reductions in software costs.

Intelligently power manages computers across your network remotely and automatically overnight, on weekends and when not in use.

Reliably and securely delivers  software deployments, OS upgrades and patches across thousands of PCs, servers and sites without disruption.

Dramatically cut your help desk costs and delivers immediate and significant cost reductions through a simple self-service software portal.

Cutting the cost of deploying Windows 7. 1E’s Windows 7 Migration Services employ our proven software tools and business-focused technical consulting to deliver an extensible, end-to-end operating system deployment solution.


Product Videos

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Dave Harding, Product Manager at 1E, discusses what's new in AppClarity 4.0.

AppClarity financially quantifies software waste by presenting a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license costs and where installations are unused.

"We saved $2.4m on 50,000 computers in the first year of deploying PC Power Management."

A teaser trail of all the cool new things things that are in Nomad 2012 version 5.

Lee Gallington presents Nomad and how it delivers transformative savings to the enterprise

How to create different power schemes to be applied at different times in multiple locations, globally from a single console.

PC power management in action. The Enterprise View dashboard has tiles which can be added and configured to retrieve data on energy consumption, savings, CO2 emissions and the current condition of your environment.

Nomad Enterpise: streamlined systems management - reduces operating costs and accelerates distribution of software, patches and OS upgrades

How much time and money is your company spending on software delivery management? Shopping empowers users to install software, operating systems and services at a time when it suits them without disrupting their daily workload.