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Software Asset Management with AppClarity

AppClarity – “Why is it?”

Software Asset Management with AppClarity

Dave Harding, Product Manager at 1E

AppClarity gives you clear and simple visibility of your entire software estate, across servers and PCs, enabling you to make immediate reductions in software costs, providing the information you need to prepare for a software audit. AppClarity financially quantifies all unused software and it can initiate automatic user-centric software reclaims.

AppClarity Software Asset Manager


Accurate Software Inventory

For PCs, AppClarity can leverage Microsoft Configuration Manager to instantly obtain an accurate picture of applications deployed, or the inventory can be captured directly from PCs. For servers, AppClarity remotely and agentlessly detects installed software. Irrelevant records are filtered out and variances in publisher and product names are normalized. All this information is easily consumable via a single console for all software across an estate.

Detects Unused PC Software

Every software install is instantly analyzed by leveraging data from Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to determine if it is used, occasionally used or unused. Alternatively where SCCM is not present, usage data can be captured from PCs using an agent. Either way, this powerful information is available at your fingertips for every software product in your PC environment.

Detects Unused Server Software

Using patented 1E ‘Useful Work’ technology, as part of an unused server software solution, AppClarity can determine whether server software is doing any useful work. This allows identification of costly unused software which can be reclaimed and the server reassigned or decommissioned.

Financially Quantifies Waste

AppClarity provides reporting with actionable results without having to review pages of data. All unused software is collated into one report which financially outlines the total waste and potential savings. The Unused Software Report is a business case detailing the waste and the steps to take action.

Automatically reclaims and recycles licenses on PCs

Unused applications can be harvested from PCs using a policy-based approach. When a software installation is unused it can be reclaimed automatically or with user consultation using an intelligent opt-out process. Savings achieved through this software license optimization initiative are tracked and reported via AppClarity’s single console.

Restricts the use of prohibited applications

Administrators can set policies to prevent certain PC applications from being used within the environment. These can either be global or specific to a group of machines or users.

Simple traffic light compliance system

AppClarity has a unique traffic light compliance system along with targeted vendor compliance reporting. By automatically reconciling deployed software with licenses purchased, AppClarity delivers fast, accurate and comprehensive liability and compliance reporting.

Measures usage of features

For premium server software, AppClarity identifies the optimum license configuration based on feature usage across editions. Detailed reports for specific vendors identify which features are used and recommend license allocation changes.

To date, and that’s not even a month since deployment, we have seen savings of $260,000 which accounts for 3,000 reclaimed licenses and that’s only for the first letter of the alphabet of vendors.”
Cobie Nel, IM Services: Manager Applications, Sasol Group Services Sasol
Unused software and shelfware in the United States accounts for $12.3 billion in preventable and ongoing costs.”
Software Efficiency Report, 2011
Software audits are increasing ( … ) Organizations must fund IT asset management disciplines or will risk high, unexpected financial liability due to software compliance problems. Having good asset management can reduce the time and pain of a software vendor audit.”
Gartner, 2 March 2011*

AppClarity from 1E has some great technology to offer organizations looking to manage and reduce the cost of their Adobe estate”
ITAM Review, December 2013

By making sense of how much of your software is really used, AppClarity software asset management allows you to make informed strategic and operational decisions, putting you in a much stronger negotiating position when renewing maintenance or purchasing additional licenses. And it does this on a continual basis, month-on-month, year-on-year.

Software Asset Management with AppClarity




1E Shopping and AppClarity integrate to provide comprehensive applications management including self-service software provisioning and complete license visibility and control.


Worried about your next software audit? Download the ultimate defense kit here.

Product sheet

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AppClarity enables you to make immediate reductions in software costs, analyzing all your applications and providing you with actionable results. AppClarity financially quantifies all software waste and initiates user-centric software reclaims. It leverages Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to help you reclaim, recycle and reuse your software assets. Compliance is achieved at a much lower cost.

White Papers

Reduce, reclaim and recycle your software to deliver dramatic cost reductions

AppClarity software asset management identifies unused software and enables you to remove and reallocate it, radically cutting costs and reducing waste.

Pragmatic software governance

Discover how dynamically controlling your license estate leads to a software balance and protects your organization.


Software License Optimization Report 2013

This research looks at how effective businesses are at managing their software licenses and usage. Many organizations are still relying on ad-hoc and manual methods to track usage.

Software efficiency report 2011

The 2011 Software Efficiency study, commissioned in association with IAITAM and FAST IiS conducted by Opinion Matters, revealed that software waste is endemic in organizations today, preventing cost efficiencies and unnecessarily draining IT budgets. In the United States alone, there is more than $12.3 billion worth of preventable and ongoing cost associated with unused software and shelfware.

US report

UK report


Video case studies

Navantis, Dave Kawula

"We saved over $500,000 in the first month of using AppClarity for one of our clients which gave them a net ROI within three months post project delivery."

Case studies

Through our deployment of AppClarity, and our excellent working relationship with 1E, we have made $326,478 in cost savings in just eight weeks, across our estate of 13,000 PCs, through the identification and reclaim of unused software.

Application Mapping automates and accelerates software reinstallation during Windows 7 migrations to deliver a better experience at reduced cost

AppClarity reclaims unused applications to become compliant and save money, and NightWatchman Enterprise fulfills green IT initiative through PC power management

Product video

Announcing 1E AppClarity 4.0

Dave Harding, Product Manager at 1E, discusses what's new in AppClarity 4.0.

AppClarity - “Why is it?“

AppClarity financially quantifies software waste by presenting a rationalized inventory of installed applications, license costs and where installations are unused.

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Software Asset Management with AppClarity Software Asset Management with AppClarity Software Asset Management with AppClarity