NightWatchman Enterprise with WakeUp

The Global Leader in PC Power Management

and Patch Management

NightWatchman Enterprise delivers credible savings through PC Power Management by drastically reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With 12 million licenses sold, NightWatchman has saved in excess of $1.3 billion and prevented 11.5 million tons of CO2 emissions across both public and private sector organizations worldwide.
Together with WakeUpTM (1E’s Wake-on-LAN solution) NightWatchman ensures all PCs are available and ready to be patched at any time allowing you to fully automate routine maintenance and software/ patch distribution.
NightWatchman and WakeUp are ideal for large, complex enterprise environments.
NightWatchman Features

Accurate Reporting with Credible Savings Predictions

Using actual PC (make and model) power consumption figures from a comprehensive catalog with local energy tariffs, NightWatchman builds a highly accurate picture of energy use, carbon emissions and costs by department, building or region. The accuracy of savings are further enhanced by using multiple baselines for a before and after measure of energy consumption.

*New* PC Estate Profiler

A unique new feature – the PC Estate Profiler – further drives down energy consumption and identifies hardware waste. By monitoring hardware utilization NightWatchman identifies unused PCs providing the ability to safely decommission them. In addition, it gives visibility into locations of those PCs enabling organizations to not only reallocate unused PCs, but also the associated desk space.

Safe Shutdown

NightWatchman’s user-friendly approach means productivity is never impacted. User data is always saved whenever a PC is powered down and will detect and defer shutdown if a user is still active.

WakeUp Features

Automatically wake and patch every PC

WakeUp uses Wake-on-LAN – to reliably and instantly wake up single or multiple PCs at any time. This enables you to ensure that PCs are powered on and available when users arrive for work, for support after hours, after a power cut, or for distribution of high priority security patches. NightWatchman and WakeUp together provide 100% patch success even out-of-hours.

Web WakeUp

Web WakeUp enables users to remotely wake their own PC (or multiple PCs) for access at any time through a customizable web portal or an iPhone/ iPad app. Especially useful for travelling or telecommuting users its enables users to wake up their own PC for remote access or can wake up PCs across an entire floor/ building ready for use when users arrive at their desks.

Supports secure environments

WakeUp is Common Criteria certified and the only solution available to support reliable Wake-on-LAN for computers on 802.1x secure VLANs.

By working together with 1E’s best-of-breed energy efficient IT solutions, we offer customers a powerful combination of automation, reduced infrastructure and power management. As a result, customers can gain a deeper insight into their operations and drive efficiencies across their physical and virtual IT environments.”
Brad Anderson, Corporate VP Microsoft Corporation

Product Sheet

100% patch management success with NightWatchman and WakeUp

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Selecting a PC Power Management Solution Vendor

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White Papers

The PC Estate Profiler in Detail

PC utilization monitoring across your estate

Claiming Energy Rebates

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Determining an accurate picture of energy usage with variable tariffs

Simple accurate reporting across geographic boundaries.

Why NightWatchman Enterprise is more effective than in-built power schemes

NightWatchman Enterprise is a more reliable mechanism for power managing your PC estate.

NightWatchman Enterprise Extending ConfigMgr 2007 R3 for Advanced Power Management

Microsoft and 1E together offer a best-of-breed PC power management solution.

Video case studies

A Fortune 500 Company, Gregg Erdmann

"We use NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our power savings initiative and made ROI in under a year and reduced our CO2 footprint by 1000 metric tons."

Sasktel, Rick Sabadka

"We introduced NightWatchman Enterprise as part of our green initiative and we have made more than $77,000 in the first year."

CSC, Candace Labelle, NightWatchman

"How NightWatchman has helped CSC to reduce energy across the corporation and save a tremendous amount of money."

Motorist Insurance Group, R J Hubbard

"We save approximately $2,400 a month by shutting down 600-700 PCs."

National Instruments, Eric Morrison

"We're saving between $40 and $50 per PC using NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management."

Princess Alexandra Hospitals NHS Trust, Bill Dickson

"We are currently achieving our energy targets and achieving a saving of £27,000 a year."

UNUM Insurance, Scott Ewing

"1E is has helped us improve our software distribution success rate and meet our corporate green initiatives."

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Case studies

Global professional services firm saves 33 percent on PC energy costs each year with PC Power Management from NightWatchman Enterprise.

AppClarity reclaims unused applications to become compliant and save money, and NightWatchman Enterprise fulfills green IT initiative through PC power management

Operating System deployments and upgrades with zero disruption and 21,000 tonne reduction in CO2 per annum

World’s sixth largest insurer cuts costs and CO2 by 4,138 tonnes with NightWatchman Enterprise PC power management.

32 tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions saved and patch management possible with Wake-on-Lan solution.

With PC Power Management the health foundation is looking at minimum annual savings of £20,000.

Integrated power and efficiency savings - annual power savings of $608,000 and annual electricity reduction of 6,176,000 kW

Hospital Trust makes savings of more than £27,000 per year – an annual reduction of over 420 tonnes of CO2

Reduced power costs and associated CO2 emissions from computers by 51%. End users experienced greatly improved, zero-impact software patching and upgrades.

Better power management, savings of $1.3 million per year and no compromise on performance.

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Product videos

NightWatchman: Enterprise View

PC power management in action. The Enterprise View dashboard has tiles which can be added and configured to retrieve data on energy consumption, savings, CO2 emissions and the current condition of your environment.